podcast 105 – To drive all night

“You’d spend a lot of time just, getting places with a horse.” / “A big part of the ‘flat’ is the icons.” / “The book they’re *going* to read.” / ‘A lot more epic.’ / “The way they simulate the waves.” / “How much ^ice^ you got around your neck and stuff.” / “I drove up in windmill country.” / “I think it’s based on the Salton Sea.” / “Did they say ^swag^?” / ‘You can’t see parts that you haven’t been to.’ / “You can backspin and topspin.” / “That just means iPhones are popular.” / ‘And I was like, okay.’ / “You can get out of the car and do other stuff.”

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GTA V: blimp via Amazon pre-order, diving for cash.
Navy yard shooting [via ABC News].
Windows 8 backlash continues [via boogie2988].
iOS 7.
Om Gurl Yoga.
My novel Crossing the Continental Divide.
Neko Case.