Podcast 124 – Like a team of horses

“Off the field, in the culture.” / “They spell tires there ‘tyre,’ but they burn just the same I guess.” / “Let me go into Evernote here.” /  ^But nonetheless it is said and done.^ / “In the farm belt.” / ^Doing the right thing a lot of times doesn’t make the most money.^ / “He weaves the songs back into the book.” / “With a saxophone, it’s not easy to make one of those things sound good.” / “Kind of hard to trace at this point.”

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Show notes

“Timber” performed by Miranda and Lindsey Stirling.

Jason Whitlock on Michael Sam and the fading role of sports in bringing social progress in America.

Tire fire in Britain.

Barack Obama goes to Michigan State to sign the Farm Bill.

Washington state governor suspends executions.

Glenn Beck and Antonin Scalia and ‘FEMA camps.’

Microsoft pays off Youtubers for shilling for Xbox One games.

Epic Sax.

Autobiography‘ by Morrissey; songs: “Everyday is Like Sunday,” “Reel Around The Fountain [John Peel session]” (with The Smiths), “Irish Blood, English Heart,” “First of the Gang to Die,” “I Will See You in Far Off Places,” “Alma Matters,” “How Soon Is Now?” (with The Smiths), “The Teachers Are Afraid of the Pupils.”

Is a “solar lull” part of the reason for the frigid winter here in North America?

pacificpelican64LogoSeattleTotemPolesByDanielJMcKeown2014 podcast 114 – If you go back far enough he was kind of a glam rocker

“The idea that music could be in the background.” / “There’s a term called ^gunwriter^.” / ‘If no one’s going to buy it, it’s just a crazy thing.’ / ‘It’s starting to get that ^dump everything^ effect.’ / “I guess it’s made its way to Buffalo.” / ‘They manage the swell.’ / ‘There’s just going to be ads pretty much everywhere.’ / ^Readers are hopping mad about it.^ / ‘Click click click click click.’

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show notes (co-hosted by Jessica)

Are external hard drives in danger of being compromised or erased when plugged in to Macs running OS X 10.9 (Mavericks)?
Chris Berman rants.
Toronto mayor Rob Ford admits (after previous denials) to smoking crack; a subsequent video shows him threatening someone’s life.
Marijuana legalization is supported by 58% of Americans.
iOS PDF reader: NeoSoar.
‘Guns and Ammo’ magazine fires editor who wrote a moderate column on gun regulation after facing backlash.
Twitter IPO.
Youtube integrates Google+ into its comments system.
SnappyCam Pro camera app: take a bunch of exposures with your iPhone, choose the one you like best.
David Bowie and Brian Eno.
Chicago chef Charlie Trotter has died at 54.
Democrat Terry McAuliffe wins election for governor of Virginia.
The Debian GNU Linux distribution is switching from GNOME TO Xfce.  The fallout from the unpopular UI changes in GNOME 3 continues.
iPhone app for taking short videos: Vinyet.
Nikon Df retro-styled dSLR. podcast 110 – Carry a gong around with you

‘I don’t know if there’s a limit.’ / ^The basement of this Mexican restaurant.^ / “Agricultural work as fun.” / ‘People are into that ALL CAPS stuff now.’ / ‘They have a whole dance move to go with it.’ / “A chunky fake serif kind of look to it.” / ‘A lot of pumpkins and apple picking.’

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Show Notes (co-hosted by Jessica)
“Dayman” sung by Japanese kids.
Patterson Fruit Farm in Ohio.
Chris Hayes on the government shutdown.
Kate Spade Saturday fashion line.
Cabrini Green in Chicago.