Podcast 93 – Amazing screens and everything

^Stop being snookered by this snake salesman.^ / ^Bunch of extremist whackos.^ / ^They’re asking me a question I don’t know the answer to.^ / “They’ll both be able to play Netflix.” / ^We all got our great toys.^

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show notes

Jessica doing standup paddleboarding with a friend at Edgewater in Cleveland.

Republican “civil war”: Mark Levin vs. Karl Rove. Rush Limbuagh vs. Jeb Bush.

Wearechange.org video with Barbara Boxer.

Alex Jones with bobcat sounds.

Al-Jazeera on Guantanamo.

Rachel Maddow on Iran.

Steve Wozniak on NSA surveillance.

Talib Kweli.

Maddox on E3; Xbox One vs. PlayStation 4.

Sony E3 2013 recap.

We have a product [for people without Internet access] called the Xbox 360.”

Republican morons Herman Cain, Rick Perry still aspiring after higher office.

Glenn Beck’s grandiose b.s.

Now they think I’m schizophrenic.”+

The Foreclosure Nightmare Continues.”

My novel: Crossing the Continental Divide.