Podcast 38 – #FireworkFail

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hosted by @pacificpelican and @JessicaMcKeown

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Lakewood, Ohio sees fireworks display completely fail due to malfunction.  We were hanging out on the west side of Cleveland watching some pretty good front yard fireworks with friends but many of the people who herded into Lakewood Park were very disappointed by #FireworkFail.

If you’re telling everyone you’re so “busy” all the time, the perceptive among us have long known that you’re really just acting self-important and perhaps trying too hard to reassure yourself about your own significance.  Now there’s a New York Times opinion piece about this issue.

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Digg (what’s left of it now) has been sold to Betaworks.  Hear us discuss Digg and its HD-DVD key debacle in 2007 in this video.  I mentioned Kevin Rose (“Dutch Telecom”) in podcast #7.