Newly deactivated middle button in Chrome for Mac in Canary version

In an early beta (alpha? I don’t know) Macintosh build of Google Chrome [specifically 22.0.1183.0 canary] the middle button (still present in Chrome 19.0.1084.56) in the upper left corner has been reduced to a hollow shell that doesn’t change when moused over and doesn’t do anything.

version 22 (beta)

This means that the new versions of Chrome (if it doesn’t change before the final version 22 is released) will not be able to be minimized, at least not easily [and no, double clicking the top bar doesn’t work anymore either].

version 19

Apple had been pointing toward deprecating minimizing windows in favor of using Mission Control and other newer tools to switch apps for the last year or so. Now it looks like Google is considering taking minimizing out of their browser.
Now of the three buttons in the upper left corner of Mac OS X applications, the one on the right seems to have been superseded by the new OS X Lion full screen mode, so it’s unclear if that one will last either.

New York Times Chrome app: free to read on Firefox

The New York Times has a Google Chrome “web app” which is served from a web site at Visitors to that site can browse and read the front page stories but can only browse headlines in other sections. But loading the same page on Firefox redirects to which is practically the same as, with one exception–stories in all sections can be read in full. The lock symbols next to the sections listed on the right side are only present on the Chrome version. Accidental oversight? Result of beta code and fast production? I don’t know. I wonder how much longer the Times company will let their stories be read with such impunity, what with their ridiculous paywall which really serves to make the newspaper reading demographic even older as only people with long term newspaper habits (and a long memory) are likely to feel the need to pay for newspaper content.