DJMcloud Podcast 69 – They’re not really going to change

“His indignity will outlive him.” / ‘Your body doesn’t give a damn.’ / “Maybe a series of mistaken perceptions or maybe just a series of impertinent actions.” / “The teeth of justice.” / “Like John Kerry, the stupid hunting stunts.” / “Shock or fear.”
show notes
The Trial by Franz Kafka and The Stranger by Albert Camus.
The NRA is not as powerful as is widely perceived.
The pro-gun arguments based on the 2nd Amendment have their only sound basis in a flawed reading of the Constitution by Supreme Court in the Heller v. D.C. case.  This ruling will almost inevitably be overturned eventually.
Hollywood has long collaborated with the firearms industry in creating an image of false glamour around the possession and use of guns.
Feedback to podcast 67 from Fab from Linux Outlaws: “What? You criticise my eating habits and don’t even give me a chance to reply? What the heck is wrong with eating horses? I’ve eaten horses, cows, ducks, pigs, chickens, snakes, iguanas, kangaroos, frogs, oysters, fish, fowls, mussels….. I’d probably eat rats, dogs and lichen too (look it up in the SAS Survival Handbook) if the situation required it. It’s all the same, really. If you find any of that appalling, it’s only in your head. Your body doesn’t give a damn.
I have comments turned off (but pingbacks on) for individual posts but not for the about page where this comment was left.  So, fair enough, but I do appreciate hearing the feedback.
I actually have what amounts to an arbitrarily selective opinion on this, but it remains the same.  However I did admit in a recent tweet about the cognitive dissonance I feel about it when talking to Jessica: “In my last podcast, Jessica silenced my particular brand of selective vegetarianism (NO horse eating!) when she advocated for the real deal.”

Clip: “Horse Neighing at own Neigh.”


DJMcloud Podcast 66 – Hotbeds of hackers

“He went on some tangent about recipes and German food.” / “There’s plenty of women who might use a torrent.” / “These guys are all either spooks or wannabe spooks.” / “It seems kind of bizarre to hang yourself.” / “Think how you can make a business around the consumers.” / “The 747–the best passenger jet ever made.”/ ‘This idea that women have it together or whatever’ / “A broad mix of semi-notable.” / ‘I always think of it in coach terms.’ / ‘I don’t think eating any animal is okay.’ / “In the 90s he had a project with Bernard Sumner.” / ‘She’s just cool.’

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Hosted by me and Jessica.

show notes – recorded Jan. 16th, 2013


Colin Powell on Republicans today.

Michael Richards goes on racist rant, uses “N” word that Powell obliquely refers to in talking about what many Republicans think of Africa-Americans.

Sarah Palin on why Barack Obama doesn’t suit her notion of a “man of valor.”

Bird sounds via the Macaulay Library at Cornell.


How serious are the problems with Boeing’s new 787, the so-called “Dreamliner?”  Now Reuters reports that the planes have been grounded by the FAA.

Buzzfeed is a piece of trash web site that hired a guy who has worked at Glenn Beck’s operation.

I wonder if Fab from Linux Outlaws realizes how appalling it is when he talks about eating horse meat?
[Update 1/27/2013: Fab’s response is mentioned in episode #69.]

HBO show Girls.

Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr prepares for his (official) solo debt, releases new video.

4K TVs not ready for mass consumption?

Hacker and successful SOPA protester Aaron Swartz dead from an (apparent) suicide.  Thomas Gideon from the Command Line Podcast offers a tribute.