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GrandFork theme version 2.2.0 available for download

A new version of the GrandFork theme for WordPress is now available for free:

download: GrandFork 0.2 0.2.1 2.2.0

Some of the changes that I managed to make include:

  • updated screenshot to reflect Futura font instead of Helvetica
  • added third widget area fixed on left
  • made sidebar naming more descriptive
  • h1 tag used for post titles instead of h2 in single post template
  • header.php template had redundant branding div was removed
  • removed unnecessary index-broken.php and category-features.php
  • comment clutter previously removed from other pages also removed from tags template
  • text within li tags is now styled the same way as the rest of the content
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Updated version of GrandFork, 0.1.beta.8, now available


Well that was fast.  I have an updated version of the GrandFork theme for WordPress.

download: GrandFork 0.1.beta.8 Get the latest version.

Some of the changes include

  • static pages no longer have unnecessary “Posted in”
  • comment stuff has been eliminated–if you want comments, maybe try using Disqus in the widget area that sits below the content
  • bug fixed in font CSS
  • top navigation menu now has the same font as the rest of the site
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download GrandFork theme version 0.1.beta.7


I have a new theme I’ve been working on for WordPress called GrandFork.  This is a very early version of the theme, 0.1.beta.7, so please keep in mind that this is beta software.

download: GrandFork 0.1.beta.7 Get the latest version

This work is released under GNU General Public License (GPL), version 2 or later.

Check out previous free themes I’ve made at pacificpelican.us/themes.

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