podcast 112 – Further up on the left

“All sorts of stuff running in the background.” / ^A huge amount more.^ / “Synths and things like that.” / “It’s only one frequency pattern.” / “Shut down apps, or parts of apps.” / “The metronome might be counting out as you start recording.” / “The placement of the buttons and analogue sticks.” / “It’s a customer satisfaction thing.” / “Aerodynamic, or bat-shaped.” / ^They leave you no route to appeal.^

Listen: download the mp3.

New Mac [and iOS] versions of: GarageBandiPhotoiMovie.
djay 2 for iPhone.
Jenna Jameson TV interview.
Mac OS X Mavericks – free upgrade; power saving features–racing to make CPU idle [discussed in the Ars Technica review by John Siracusa]; now with tags in the Finder.
PS4 controller.  [PS4 and Xbox One announcements previously discussed on podcast #93.]
Right wingers: Mark Levin and the ongoing Republican civil war; Glenn Beck on [??]; and Ben Carson says Obamacare “is slavery, in a way.”

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