You will see the console (Podcast 155)

^People pop out of closets.^ / ^Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow.^ / “It kind of goes back to that 90s sensibility.” / “Use the math that’s necessary.” / “An enduring story.” / “Dark and plodding.”

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Macbeth by William Shakespeare [1611].
Macbeth by Orson Welles [1948].
Macbeth by Jack Gold [1983].

show notes

Zite shuts down; is Apple News or Flipboard the better replacement?

Mathematicians left baffled after three-year struggle over proof.”

UAW makes inroads into South with worker vote at VW plant.

William Basinski – “Divertissment Pt 2“.

Making private copies of music outlawed in Britain.

Will Tony Blair face a trial over Iraq war, as Jeremy Corbyn suggested?

Sham corporate arbitration continues to grow.

Supreme Court allows Highland Park to keep assault weapons ban.

NBA ad against gun violence.

Demographics still favor Democrats over Republicans, but by how much?


Movie: Pearl Jam Twenty.

New York’s ‘Bail Bond Queen’, ruler of a controversial industry.”

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Camera wolfing (Podcast 154)

‘They are on the screen and they are still having this play time.’ / “It just seems crazy that people don’t respect photographers’ rights.” / “I celebrate their entire catalogue.” / “I was just walking around West 6th.”

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Soaked in Bleach” movie about the death of Kurt Cobain.

Scott Weiland Dies at 48.”

A visual representation of music genres.

Why is it trendy now for books to be so long?

Journalist harrassed at University of Missouri for taking photos in a public place.
Podcast 1 covered photography freedom.

Federal agent who investigated ‘Silk Road’ [the infamous hidden-web marketplace] admits to theft of $800k.

More deadly shootings, including Umpqua, Moneta, Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood, and Inland; these events may turn out to be profitable for the firearms industry.  (I’ve talked about gun culture before on the podcast.)  And concealed carry of handguns doesn’t make anyone safer.

Republican voters still favor George W. Bush.

Release of tape of the shooting of Laquan McDonald by Chicago police leads to protests.

Michigan State 17, Ohio State 14.

Michigan State 16, Iowa 13.

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We had bow ties (Podcast #153)

“Not that unusual that there will be fires underground at old dumps.” / ^Oh wow Tila you are judging him.^ / “Not something kind of crafted for the mass market.” / “How many people are buying suits?” / ^That awesome first long drink.^ / “One was in Michigan, One was in Wisconsin.”

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Michigan State 27, Michigan 23.

US regulators issue first nuclear plant operating license since 1996.”

Star Wars-style double-sun planet.

8-Year-Old Gives Thanks for Dead People.”

Officials squabble as underground fire burns near radioactive waste dump in St. Louis area.”

Tila Tequila for Donald Trump 2016!!!

Appeals court rules that Google book scanning is fair use.”

Y’all, Norwegians Use The Word ‘Texas’ As Slang To Mean ‘Crazy.’

George “You’re Going To Like The Way You’re Gonna Look” Zimmer takes on his former company Men’s Wearhouse with new tux rental business.

With Ahmad Chalabi’s Death, Passing of an Age of Lies.”

We got married in Chernobyl exclusion zone.”

Steve Jobs movie bombs nationwide, looks likely to lose money.” Grunt and Gulp lessons, LinkPig social bookmarking app.

Literally I Walked In (Podcast #152)

^Millions of our fellow Americans are working at wages that are much, much too low.^ / ‘Hillary..needs to shore up her sh__.’ / “You know I’m definitely no ‘Friends’ scholar.” /  “A mock Lewis and Clark farce.”

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show notes
Ryukyu front-end web framework.
Bernie Sanders in Portland.
“George Will is a disaster.”
iOS9Crystal iOS ad blocker.

Podcast 150 – Oranges are round

‘A man and his megaphone.’ / ^A battle over biker turf in Texas.^ / ‘You have to just keep fighting for your rights.’ / “Mostly volcanoes.” / “Yeah, rock lawns.” / ‘Let’s take this further.’ / ‘If a banana could talk.’

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Show Notes

Mount St. Helens major eruption was 35 years ago.

Biker shootout in Texas at restaurant.

Democracy Now on shooting of Antonio Zambrano-Montes by police in Washington.

JavaScript/jQuery framework for random colors and more:

Anti-Monsanto protests this year and in 2013.

Bison tosses Australian tourist at Yellowstone.

Mowing goats apparently for rent on Amazon.

Harry Belafonte on the CBC, 1967.

Cleveland shooting.

‘Mother dangled toddler over cheetah exhibit before fall, Cleveland Zoo says.’

“Kentucky deputy accidentally shoots his own mom after bringing gun to wedding.”

Washington Initiative #594.

New home page powered by Wintersmith.

Parakeet Tracker.

Podcast 149 – Pure fashion play

“Not that my Gruntfile is maybe an exemplar.” / ‘Those Michiganders and their car Bibles.’ / “The mechanical watch is a long-running product.” / “Timber country, just really remote stuff.” / “It became a stocking pool for my videos.”

show notes
Apple Watch (and its auto-installed companion app), Passbook, Newsstand, iBooks.
TV show Sabado Gigante comes to an end.
Google is now said to be favoring mobile-friendly sites for mobile search.
Sisters survive in woods for 2 weeks in Upper Michigan.

Podcast 148 – Briefly available

‘After a while that’s the same shot.’ / “Other than the boots of course.” / ‘Well..who’s that woman?’ / ‘Why do we start recording at midnight always?’ / “Top-heavy bitterness..malty-high-punch.”

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show notes

Wild by Cheryl Strayed and ‘Wild’ from Fox Searchlight Pictures.

The Pacific Crest Trail.

Ray Jardine’s Adventure Page.

Launcher & Music Launcher for iOS.

Firefox developer edition.

Cassetteboy – “Emperor’s New Clothes rap.”

20 most popular beers in America.

TheWisemensCommittee – “Shengreg.” – “Nashville TN (Preview).”


Podcast 147 – Why does that get a ding?

“I had to turn the brim around.” / ‘Can you name other subsets?’ / ‘These fraternities are awful.’ / “Number 4 is the fedora.” / “Most tainted: the pointed hood.” / ‘Like they don’t know it’s supposed to be the other way.’

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show notes (co-hosted by Jessica)
Men’s Hats Ranked From Most to Least Tainted.”
Racist fraternity at University of Oklahoma.
Microsoft ad: Windows 10 developer wears Fedora.

Chris-chan’s 2010 video about McDonald’s character Grimace.
A Confederacy of Dunces by John Kennedy Toole.


Podcast 146 – It’s just certain days

“Both based on, and a projection on, Amy.” / ^It’s a very difficult era in which to be a person.^ / ^Now they want to ruin the Internet!^ / “Sparse, kind of heavy style.” / ^Flint is a smaller version of Detroit.^ / “You know, what’s your benchmark?” / “She had blackmail vomit.”

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show notes
Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn.
spoiler alert for Gone Girl

‘History Of Tha Streetz’ video.
Millions of dollars worth of seized ‘Silk Road’ Bitcoins auctioned off by Feds.
Retirement Planning Like a Dinosaur online book by me available now via independent press.
Semantic Versioning v 2.0.0.
Mercurial version control tutorial.
Fortnightly podcast.