podcast 116 – But you did

‘Cat, get out of the road.’ / “We finally got a g’day.” / ‘That’s where Swan Hill is.” / ^Escape my reality.^ / “Way out in the country.” / ‘There’s a token woman .’ / ‘Silicon Valley Spark Content.’ / “That ^skills gap^ is a myth.” / “someone’s vertical video” / “The top recruiting class ever or whatever.” / ^Sweating, spewing, stressing out afterword.^  / ‘I don’t know that the Valley has changed all that much.’

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Show Notes (co-hosted by Jessica)
Helicopter crash by ‘Hog.’
Clumsy Australian anti-weed video.
Edward Snowden on “dragnet mass surveillance.”
Katy Perry – “This is how we do.”
Kevin Sorbo on “Disappointed!!”
Jacksonville golf pro puts up billboard about Tim Tebow.
#2 Michigan State beats #1 Kentucky (and also Portland).
Was the MI6 spy found locked in a bag killed accidentally like Scotland Yard would have you believe?
Jeremy Hammond imprisoned over Stratfor leak; blames FBI for instigating numerous hacks.


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