Podcast 7

djmblog.com podcast #7 show notes

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Clips from podcasts and live recordings

TWiT.tv episode #293

Kevin Rose: “Dutch Telecom”

Rebooting the News #87

Dave Winer: “One word: You’re bluffing!”

party in Cleveland a few weeks ago

drunk buzzkill person: “Australia is not a magical land”

ESPNU College Football podcast 3/23/2011

Bret Bielema says “We’ve won, we’ve done it the right way” the season after they ran up the score on Indiana 83-20

Linux Outlaws episode 195

Dan Lynch: “Oh Canada, blah blah blah”

Trashcan Sinatras show in Ohio, March 18, 2011

drunk fan outside concert: “I’m 44!”

Caribou Coffee shop in Lakewood, Ohio

two ladies talk about their Mary Kay biz


[originally aired March 24, 2011]