Podcast 100 – What story I want to tell of myself

“He’s talking about his train set and his old cars.” / ‘This a break song.’ / ‘The ongoing theme in my life has been epic changes.’ / ^High velocity folk music.^ / “Someone nicknamed them the Glimmer Twins.” / ‘Micro-information sharing.’ / ‘Irony loop.’ / “Flashbacking device.”

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Co-hosted by Jessica.

Roll with me.”

Man facing up to 13 years in prison for writing in chalk outside Bank of America is acquitted.

Al Jourgensen from Ministry.

Life by Keith Richards.

Waging Heavy Peace by Neil Young.

Boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS).

Discrimination at an Israeli pool.

African grey parrot singing along with “Always look on the bright side of life.”

Synth pop.


Edward Snowden interview.

Why Jessica stopped using 4square.

My novel.

DJMcloud soundboard.

“Flying saucers.”

Podcast 99 – Don’t ever expect anything to be there

‘Let animals roam.’ / ‘Everything you put out there is not going to be export-able.’ / “Wouldn’t you have to scroll for an hour if you’re a heavy user?” / ‘Selling basil on the side.’ / ‘Interviewers are so dumb sometimes.’ / ^They constantly erupt in cheers.^

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show notes

–Egypt’s newest revolution sees army throw Mohamed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood out of power.

–Edward Snowden receives apparent offers of asylum from Venezuela, Nicaragua and Bolivia.

–Silver Linings Playbook [movie].

Rupert Murdoch taped secretly while meeting with editors of The Sun newspaper.

Mega now has an Android app as the Megaupload case drags along (with some user data already deleted and the rest possibly soon).

–Does the defeat of the farm subsidy bill signal the waning influence of rural areas?

–Paula Deen interview/distraction.

Podcast 98 – Claimed to be on to some stuff

^Non-violent egg-based protest.^ / “That handful of Southern states need supervision of their elections. / “Militarization of the national security state.” / “Fiery wreckage of his Mercedes in LA.” / “The infamous ‘connect the dots’ bullshit.”

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show notes

Gay marriage upheld in California; a Clinton-era anti-gay law known as the “Defense of Marriage Act” knocked down.

Wendy Davis keeps restrictive abortion law from passing in Texas–for now anyway.

Natalie Holt on Simon Cowell.

What happened to reporter Michael Hastings?

General Keith Alexander of the NSA [video].

Video: “This is what winning looks like” in Afghanistan by vice.com.

Podcast 97 – Specific to the delusion

“They introduced another sign.” / “The boycott [Israel] movement is gaining momentum.” / ^That rule is: tell people what they want to hear.^ / ^Who knows what you’re gonna do with that?^

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show notes

Am I a Sagittarius or an Ophiuchus?

Video: Should crazy people be able to legally own firearms?

Female Israeli soldiers pose while sort-of in uniform.

Pro-Occupy groups and other progressive organizations (not just Tea Party ones), as well as open source software groups, were unfairly scutinized by the IRS.

Hervé Villechaize on suicide via everythingisterrible.com.

[video: Stephen Colbert.]

Podcast 96 – To get around the pre-rolls

“Kind of a gray line.” / “He’s not listening to a word that guy is saying.” / “You hear this discussion from conservatives about parental authority as a model of government.” / ^Back within their grasp.^ / ^They all bought tickets.^ / “Hong Kong is saying that he’s left.” / ^Double duty.^

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Co-hosted by Jessica.

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show notes

Gibberish talk on air by Serene Branson and others [ABC video].

Chris Hayes and Glenn Greenwald on Edward Snowden.

Wendy Williams on Paula Deen.

Paul Krugman on Ben Bernanke.

Podcast 95 – Discussions of dualities

^Everybody I showed it to said it was terrible.^ / ^It led absolutely nowhere and was hence enjoyable.^ / ^To Cleveland or someplace.^ / “Hunter S Thompson was a very very big fan.” / ^No matter whether he was successful or not successful society was turning out more and more misfits.^

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show notes

Music by Jessica.

Tropic of Capricorn by Henry Miller.

Podcast 94 – Look out that window

^Harvested the core.^ / “Inter-app audio.” / ^Stay the hell away from wild animals.^ / ‘Somebody loves his soundboards.’ / “That’s that dude.” / ‘Pull data from one place and pass it on to another.’ / “A lot of rappers these days are from the South.”

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Co-hosted by Jessica.

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show notes

Man of Steel movie starring Henry Cavill as Superman and Michael Shannon as Zod.  [video: Shannon reads the sorority letter.]

Bill Gates: for population reduction.

Jessica’s video of me on Instagram.

Vinepeek: Vpeeker.com.

Waffle House asserts their trademark against “Jellyroll.”

Audiobus for iOS.

photo by Jessica

Podcast 93 – Amazing screens and everything

^Stop being snookered by this snake salesman.^ / ^Bunch of extremist whackos.^ / ^They’re asking me a question I don’t know the answer to.^ / “They’ll both be able to play Netflix.” / ^We all got our great toys.^

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show notes

Jessica doing standup paddleboarding with a friend at Edgewater in Cleveland.

Republican “civil war”: Mark Levin vs. Karl Rove. Rush Limbuagh vs. Jeb Bush.

Wearechange.org video with Barbara Boxer.

Alex Jones with bobcat sounds.

Al-Jazeera on Guantanamo.

Rachel Maddow on Iran.

Steve Wozniak on NSA surveillance.

Talib Kweli.

Maddox on E3; Xbox One vs. PlayStation 4.

Sony E3 2013 recap.

We have a product [for people without Internet access] called the Xbox 360.”

Republican morons Herman Cain, Rick Perry still aspiring after higher office.

Glenn Beck’s grandiose b.s.

Now they think I’m schizophrenic.”+

The Foreclosure Nightmare Continues.”

My novel: Crossing the Continental Divide.

Podcast 92 – At least in Russia

“The range of whistleblowers that have exposed wrongdoing.” / ^Ron Paul nihilist hacker guy.^ / “The mainstreaming of the concept…overloaded with so many different meanings.” / ^I hope they look at the sucess of the Model S.^ / ^It’s like Ben Franklin said.^ / ^All of the classic hallmarks–somewhat legendary.^ / ^I don’t see change coming out of the two parties.^ / ^Deeper into the civil war in Syria..small arms and ammunition to rebel forces.^ / “Absolutely over-broad.”

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show notes

The loyal Democrats strike back against the whisteblower: Bob Cesca talks Edward Snowden on his podcast.

Jesse Ventura and Alex Jones.

Jason from Henderson. [pt. 2]

Overly Attached Uncle Sam.”

Bill Clinton and others talked Barack Obama into arming Syrian rebels against his better judgement, says the New York Times.

My novel ‘Crossing the Continental Divide.’

Vladimir Putin critiques American “signals intelligence.”

Larry Flynt on Republicans.

(The London) Suede – “Sabatoge.”

Podcast 91 – Flaky sugary buttery texture

‘^Hair icon^: debatable’ / “Apparently scoring movies isn’t as fun as it sounds.” / “Incredibly strange Internet stuff.” / “Card-like.” / ‘Bands that yell at you.’ / ‘Reminds me of the 90s.’ / “I don’t want to pre-roll ads.”

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show notes

Industrial Music:

Filter: “Self Inflicted.”

Stabbing Westward: “So Far Away.”

New blog from the creator of the now-shuttered okcgoldmine.com site: i-ppl.com.

My Youtube channel trailer.

Apple WWDC announcements include iOS 7 [with re-designed UI, photo filters, background updates to apps, iTunes radio & iCloud Airdrop].

Two of my favorite iPhone camera replacement apps to use instead of the default iOS 6 camera: 645 Pro and PureShot from jag.gr.

iBooks on Mac (and an update to Mac OS X called Mavericks [somewhat technical PDF from Apple]; also new MacBook Airs and Mac Pros.)

My novel.

Jessica explains the cronut and the doissant.

PRISM program exposed.  Edward Snowden steps forward (from Hong Kong) as a leaker of government info on spying programs; Daniel Ellsberg says this may be the biggest leak in American history; Julian Assange praises Snowden’s actions.  Mark Udall (Democratic Senator from Colorado) wants to re-consider the PATRIOT Act.  Barack Obama probably still wants to “look forward.”

The BBC probably regretted booking Alex Jones for their Sunday politics program (he was there in Britain to float by the Bilderberg group meeting on a barge).

Byword text/markdown editor (for Mac).

Jeremy Scahill and Chris Hayes compare Obama to his predecessor George W. Bush.

Bill Maher brings a little realism to the discussion of Ronald Reagan’s legacy.

photo of Dan by Jessica
photo by Jessica