Podcast 92 – At least in Russia

“The range of whistleblowers that have exposed wrongdoing.” / ^Ron Paul nihilist hacker guy.^ / “The mainstreaming of the concept…overloaded with so many different meanings.” / ^I hope they look at the sucess of the Model S.^ / ^It’s like Ben Franklin said.^ / ^All of the classic hallmarks–somewhat legendary.^ / ^I don’t see change coming out of the two parties.^ / ^Deeper into the civil war in Syria..small arms and ammunition to rebel forces.^ / “Absolutely over-broad.”

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show notes

The loyal Democrats strike back against the whisteblower: Bob Cesca talks Edward Snowden on his podcast.

Jesse Ventura and Alex Jones.

Jason from Henderson. [pt. 2]

Overly Attached Uncle Sam.”

Bill Clinton and others talked Barack Obama into arming Syrian rebels against his better judgement, says the New York Times.

My novel ‘Crossing the Continental Divide.’

Vladimir Putin critiques American “signals intelligence.”

Larry Flynt on Republicans.

(The London) Suede – “Sabatoge.”