Podcast 99 – Don’t ever expect anything to be there

‘Let animals roam.’ / ‘Everything you put out there is not going to be export-able.’ / “Wouldn’t you have to scroll for an hour if you’re a heavy user?” / ‘Selling basil on the side.’ / ‘Interviewers are so dumb sometimes.’ / ^They constantly erupt in cheers.^

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show notes

–Egypt’s newest revolution sees army throw Mohamed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood out of power.

–Edward Snowden receives apparent offers of asylum from Venezuela, Nicaragua and Bolivia.

–Silver Linings Playbook [movie].

Rupert Murdoch taped secretly while meeting with editors of The Sun newspaper.

Mega now has an Android app as the Megaupload case drags along (with some user data already deleted and the rest possibly soon).

–Does the defeat of the farm subsidy bill signal the waning influence of rural areas?

–Paula Deen interview/distraction.

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