The river downtown in Chicago – an iconic location, a difficult photographic target

I wandered around East Wacker Drive in Chicago when staying at a nearby hotel recently. Hoping to meet Jessica during a break from her conference, I walked across the Chicago River on the Michigan Avenue bridge and found her at the U of C conference facility’s cafeteria. When she was due to return for the afternoon sessions, I walked back to the hotel on the other side of the river and, despite the sprinkling of rain that prevented me from bringing my Nikon camera, I used my iPhone 4S to capture a few photos.
Some of the photos I took were interesting from a technical perspective–for example, an upriver shot was not at all beautiful aesthetically given the appalling architecture on the north bank there before the bend but which still revealed an interesting artifact of the 4S’s depth of field and where it ends along the river where detail of buildings offers a rich test of the issue where many deep backgrounds offer only gradients and sameness.
But there were a few I liked because they looked good, more or less. The images are compelling to me–but I have had to sadly reject the only photo in the group that was lined up the way I liked, because it was too dark and some 45 degrees off of where it should have been aimed–but that would have made it mis-aligned too. I don’t know.

downtown Chicago #1 (Michigan Avenue)

downtown Chicago #2

downtown Chicago #3

DJMcloud Podcast 64 – Leggings remained popular

“They don’t make the most traditional ^clink^.” / “Michael Phelps won some stuff right?” ‘Probably.’ / “Video…commoditized mass of stupid b.s.” / “People act crazy about video.” / “You’re going uptempo with that.” / ‘A lot of fighting in the tech sphere.’ / ‘Same event but it went a lot smoother.’ / “So you don’t have to go out in the cold and change houses.”

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Hosted by me and Jessica.

show notes – recorded Jan. 1, 2013

[Video of the first half of this episode is also available.]

Perception of people with dSLRs conpared to people with HD video cameras.

Foursquare changes terms of service.

‘Go Dodger go’ video.

Trend in tech: lawsuits.

Trend in fashion: black and white in 2013.

Michigan State wins Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl 2013 over TCU.

Trend in politics: Obama wins again.

Christmas 2010 in Chicago video.


Podcast 60 – About my novel

My new book, Crossing the Continental Divide, is discussed in this episode.

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Hosted by me.

show notes – episode #60

In this podcast I discuss my draft novel, a short book I wrote in November called Crossing the Continental Divide. (Get the book on your choice of platforms at this link.)
-The outlines of the plot.
-Characters from Yoss and Eamon to Brenda and Lisga to Orgetorix and Gilliat and more.
-I read excerpts from chapters 41, 3, and 6.
-Locations described in passing and in detail–Cleveland, Chicago suburbs, western Michigan, San Francisco.
-Publishing the eBook.

Opening music: “Dance With The Dinosaur (Screambird remix)” from Neener 2 by Neener.

Closing music: Nov2 [working title] by Screambird.

Podcast 58 – Thanksgiving Special

“Why is Joey the Mad Hatter?”

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This time we’ve recorded from Des Plaines, Illinois, over the holiday weekend. We recount inspecting the refrigerator and the garage for chocolate or pumpkin pie, bowling, eating cheese curds, and trying to figure out the name for the pretzel Jello cream cheese cake sitting in the garage. And we also talk about getting coffee at Dunkin Donuts.
Featuring Dan, Jessica, and Jim.