DJMcloud Podcast 64 – Leggings remained popular

“They don’t make the most traditional ^clink^.” / “Michael Phelps won some stuff right?” ‘Probably.’ / “Video…commoditized mass of stupid b.s.” / “People act crazy about video.” / “You’re going uptempo with that.” / ‘A lot of fighting in the tech sphere.’ / ‘Same event but it went a lot smoother.’ / “So you don’t have to go out in the cold and change houses.”

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Hosted by me and Jessica.

show notes – recorded Jan. 1, 2013

[Video of the first half of this episode is also available.]

Perception of people with dSLRs conpared to people with HD video cameras.

Foursquare changes terms of service.

‘Go Dodger go’ video.

Trend in tech: lawsuits.

Trend in fashion: black and white in 2013.

Michigan State wins Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl 2013 over TCU.

Trend in politics: Obama wins again.

Christmas 2010 in Chicago video.