Podcast 60 – About my novel

My new book, Crossing the Continental Divide, is discussed in this episode.

Listen: download the mp3

Hosted by me.

show notes – episode #60

In this podcast I discuss my draft novel, a short book I wrote in November called Crossing the Continental Divide. (Get the book on your choice of platforms at this link.)
-The outlines of the plot.
-Characters from Yoss and Eamon to Brenda and Lisga to Orgetorix and Gilliat and more.
-I read excerpts from chapters 41, 3, and 6.
-Locations described in passing and in detail–Cleveland, Chicago suburbs, western Michigan, San Francisco.
-Publishing the eBook.

Opening music: “Dance With The Dinosaur (Screambird remix)” from Neener 2 by Neener.

Closing music: Nov2 [working title] by Screambird.