DJMcloud Podcast 64 – Leggings remained popular

“They don’t make the most traditional ^clink^.” / “Michael Phelps won some stuff right?” ‘Probably.’ / “Video…commoditized mass of stupid b.s.” / “People act crazy about video.” / “You’re going uptempo with that.” / ‘A lot of fighting in the tech sphere.’ / ‘Same event but it went a lot smoother.’ / “So you don’t have to go out in the cold and change houses.”

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Hosted by me and Jessica.

show notes – recorded Jan. 1, 2013

[Video of the first half of this episode is also available.]

Perception of people with dSLRs conpared to people with HD video cameras.

Foursquare changes terms of service.

‘Go Dodger go’ video.

Trend in tech: lawsuits.

Trend in fashion: black and white in 2013.

Michigan State wins Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl 2013 over TCU.

Trend in politics: Obama wins again.

Christmas 2010 in Chicago video.


Podcast 51 – Don’t play if you’re hung over

“They really sucked this year, and a lot of recent years.” / “And the quotes around ‘nice guy’ are very important.” / “There are some people that are big fans of Dusty Baker, but I’m not.” / “Alright, now I’m supposed to bounce.” / “If by ‘awesome’ you mean a KISS tribute band.” / “Mmm.  Carefulness.”

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Hosted by me and Jessica.

episode #51 show notes: recorded Oct. 9, 2012

Cleveland comeback?

Duct Tape festival: a photo by Jessica from the 2011 event.

New Mountain Goats album.

Retired General Boykin: “I’d strike Iran before the U.S. election.”

Fedoras of OKcupid blog;  BoingBoing article on fedoras.

Baseball playoffs: Oakland A’s, Washington Nationals without Stephen Strasburg, Cincinnati Reds and Dusty Baker.

Jim Mora: “Playoffs?!”

Bad Piggies game on Android.

Cleveland Indians hire Terry Francona.

Michigan State vs. Indiana.

Not Yet But Soon.”

Our discussion of Neil Young and Crazy Horse on episode 47.

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Podcast 8 podcast #8

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show notes

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The History of Rome podcast #132

The Professional Left podcast #67

Barack Obama rushes into war in Libya; Dennis Kucinich calls for impeachment

Cleveland Indians home openers: 200920102011

Japanese nuclear site dumping radioactive water into ocean

MSC smokestack on Michigan State campus to be removed [see it in this video]

New UI concepts in desktop computing: Mac OS X LionGNOME 3, UbuntuUnity

iOS apps:

HootSuite (for Twitter and other social networks)

Percolator (process photos into clumps of circles)

Angry Birds Rio Free (a few levels, smooth gameplay, parrots) launches cloud music service

The (biker) gangs of Cleveland

[originally aired April 4, 2011]

Epic win for Michigan State over Wisconsin (w/ my video from the stands)

I was at the historic Michigan State-Wisconsin game last weekend, where a last second Hail Mary pass won the game for State [final score 37-31]. I was lucky enough to be able to get video of the play with my iPhone 4S, and even though there is much rocking and shaking at times (such was Spartan stadium that night) I still managed to capture some footage of the play from my seat in the north end zone, as well as the aftermath.  (Oct. 22, 2011, East Lansing, Michigan)

link: view the video on Youtube

Michigan State football