Podcast 51 – Don’t play if you’re hung over

“They really sucked this year, and a lot of recent years.” / “And the quotes around ‘nice guy’ are very important.” / “There are some people that are big fans of Dusty Baker, but I’m not.” / “Alright, now I’m supposed to bounce.” / “If by ‘awesome’ you mean a KISS tribute band.” / “Mmm.  Carefulness.”

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Hosted by me and Jessica.

episode #51 show notes: recorded Oct. 9, 2012

Cleveland comeback?

Duct Tape festival: a photo by Jessica from the 2011 event.

New Mountain Goats album.

Retired General Boykin: “I’d strike Iran before the U.S. election.”

Fedoras of OKcupid blog;  BoingBoing article on fedoras.

Baseball playoffs: Oakland A’s, Washington Nationals without Stephen Strasburg, Cincinnati Reds and Dusty Baker.

Jim Mora: “Playoffs?!”

Bad Piggies game on Android.

Cleveland Indians hire Terry Francona.

Michigan State vs. Indiana.

Not Yet But Soon.”

Our discussion of Neil Young and Crazy Horse on episode 47.

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