DJMcloud Podcast 71 – Like a lost satellite

“‘The sky would go orange.'” / “Six continuous seconds.” / “How many comedy movies are that well-paced?” / ‘Nice dark pink headphones’ / “I like their light roast.” / “Songs were being written to be heard on earbuds.” / ‘Space-dorky.’ / ‘Maybe offer some different styles or colors or something.’ / “They keep selling those cables.” / ‘Maybe staying who they are is their strategy.’

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Hosted by me & Jessica.

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show notes – recorded Feb. 3, 2013

Donut Shop Coconut Mocha K-cups.
Headphones market: Bose vs. Dr. Dre’s Beats vs. Monster etc.

Remote control drones and helicopters.

Paul Krugman on guns.

Barack Obama shooting a shotgun.

Gayle Trotter on women shooting “3,4,5” intruders.

Big 3 in Aspen.
Windy City Heat movie. on football head injuries.
Will the brain injury problem put an end to football as we now know it?

Vine (short video sharing service) and Vinepeek.
My posts to it so far: Singing parakeetsFlying parakeets.


Podcast 60 – About my novel

My new book, Crossing the Continental Divide, is discussed in this episode.

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Hosted by me.

show notes – episode #60

In this podcast I discuss my draft novel, a short book I wrote in November called Crossing the Continental Divide. (Get the book on your choice of platforms at this link.)
-The outlines of the plot.
-Characters from Yoss and Eamon to Brenda and Lisga to Orgetorix and Gilliat and more.
-I read excerpts from chapters 41, 3, and 6.
-Locations described in passing and in detail–Cleveland, Chicago suburbs, western Michigan, San Francisco.
-Publishing the eBook.

Opening music: “Dance With The Dinosaur (Screambird remix)” from Neener 2 by Neener.

Closing music: Nov2 [working title] by Screambird.


Podcast 29

ice podcast episode #29

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show notes


NPR show This American Life was forced to retract claims by Mike Daisey about what he saw around the Foxconn factory in China that made Apple products.  What this story shows is the willingness of Apple haters to believe (and repeat) the worst about the company, even when it’s not true.  The clip that starts :40 into the show is of the oggcast in a recent episode in which Bradley Kuhn (even after This American Life had an episode called “Retraction“) claims “they didn’t retract it.”

The next clip is from the No Agenda podcast, in which Adam Curry tries to pretend he isn’t a Republican shill by claiming he has, yes, “no agenda.”  I clipped his podcasting partner on that show, John C. Dvorak, saying similar in djmcloud podcast episode #18.

We circle back to This American Life host Ira Glass and his pompous ass-covering over having broadcast a false story for one more clip.  NPR isn’t the high quality outfit he claims it is: read this blog post about their coverage of Greece.

WordPress theme

GrandFork: My free and open source theme, now with left, right and below-content-area widget sections.  Uses Futura font [or sans serif if that font or Helvetica are unavailable].  No support for internal WordPress comment system, though I think alternatives like Disqus or the Facebook blog comments system might work with it.  The GrandFork theme is currently in use at the Neener band blog.

The GrandFork theme is now available on GitHub.

iOS apps

Angry Birds Space: new title from popular series adds some gravity to the game’s physics as birds are shot in and out of orbit.

Cloudscrob: tracks what you’ve listened to on your native iOS Music (formerly iPod) app and sends [“scrobbles”] the song to your account.

Readability: one of the numerous “read later” systems which allow users to save web pages and blog posts using a desktop browser plugin (or on iOS a specialized browser inside this app) so they can be collected together for subsequent perusal.

Mac apps – raster image editors

Adobe Photoshop CS6 beta: a new version of the CS6 suite of applications is coming out soon and the beta version is free to try for a limited period.

Pixelmator: originally discussed in episode #12.

music by Screambird

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