DJMcloud Podcast 71 – Like a lost satellite

“‘The sky would go orange.'” / “Six continuous seconds.” / “How many comedy movies are that well-paced?” / ‘Nice dark pink headphones’ / “I like their light roast.” / “Songs were being written to be heard on earbuds.” / ‘Space-dorky.’ / ‘Maybe offer some different styles or colors or something.’ / “They keep selling those cables.” / ‘Maybe staying who they are is their strategy.’

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Hosted by me & Jessica.

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show notes – recorded Feb. 3, 2013

Donut Shop Coconut Mocha K-cups.
Headphones market: Bose vs. Dr. Dre’s Beats vs. Monster etc.

Remote control drones and helicopters.

Paul Krugman on guns.

Barack Obama shooting a shotgun.

Gayle Trotter on women shooting “3,4,5” intruders.

Big 3 in Aspen.
Windy City Heat movie. on football head injuries.
Will the brain injury problem put an end to football as we now know it?

Vine (short video sharing service) and Vinepeek.
My posts to it so far: Singing parakeetsFlying parakeets.


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