Podcast 91 – Flaky sugary buttery texture

‘^Hair icon^: debatable’ / “Apparently scoring movies isn’t as fun as it sounds.” / “Incredibly strange Internet stuff.” / “Card-like.” / ‘Bands that yell at you.’ / ‘Reminds me of the 90s.’ / “I don’t want to pre-roll ads.”

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show notes

Industrial Music:

Filter: “Self Inflicted.”

Stabbing Westward: “So Far Away.”

New blog from the creator of the now-shuttered okcgoldmine.com site: i-ppl.com.

My Youtube channel trailer.

Apple WWDC announcements include iOS 7 [with re-designed UI, photo filters, background updates to apps, iTunes radio & iCloud Airdrop].

Two of my favorite iPhone camera replacement apps to use instead of the default iOS 6 camera: 645 Pro and PureShot from jag.gr.

iBooks on Mac (and an update to Mac OS X called Mavericks [somewhat technical PDF from Apple]; also new MacBook Airs and Mac Pros.)

My novel.

Jessica explains the cronut and the doissant.

PRISM program exposed.  Edward Snowden steps forward (from Hong Kong) as a leaker of government info on spying programs; Daniel Ellsberg says this may be the biggest leak in American history; Julian Assange praises Snowden’s actions.  Mark Udall (Democratic Senator from Colorado) wants to re-consider the PATRIOT Act.  Barack Obama probably still wants to “look forward.”

The BBC probably regretted booking Alex Jones for their Sunday politics program (he was there in Britain to float by the Bilderberg group meeting on a barge).

Byword text/markdown editor (for Mac).

Jeremy Scahill and Chris Hayes compare Obama to his predecessor George W. Bush.

Bill Maher brings a little realism to the discussion of Ronald Reagan’s legacy.

photo of Dan by Jessica
photo by Jessica

Podcast 33

#33: iOS apps top 25 roundup, plus Fukushima and dinosaurs and Kickstarter


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show notes

Hosted by me (@pacificpelican) and Jessica (@JessicaMcKeown)

Charles Johnson’ (the swordfighting guy) on Kickstarter.

Olloclip on Kickstarter.

Neener band blog.

list of top iPhone app reviews on the djmcloud.com podcast
(Includes name of app and the number of the podcast in which it was discussed.)


  1. ProCamera from 4 and from 20
  2. 645 Pro from 32
  3. Adobe Ideas from 10
  4. Grid Lens from 21
  5. iPhoto for iOS


  1. Grand Theft Auto (GTA) 3 from 19
  2. Snail Domino from 13
  3. Minecraft PE from 28
  4. Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit from 5
  5. Tap to Flap from 4 and Tiny Wings from 5


  1. Pocket (formerly Read It Later) from 32
  2. Reeder from 11
  3. Kindle from 28
  4. Flipboard from 18
  5. Tweetbot from 10


  1. Evernote from 10
  2. Byword from 30
  3. Nebulous Notes from 26
  4. Pages
  5. Drafts


  1. 8mm Vintage Camera from 4
  2. gMusic (Google Music client)
  3. iMovie for iOS and Videolicious
  4. Flashlight from 14
  5. Dolphin Browser from 13

Fukushima nuclear disaster continues as the Japanese government bails out plant operator.

Belching dinosaurs may have helped keep their world warm.”

Henrietta’ on Kickstarter.

Podcast 31 – Jessica joins me to discuss online culture and social sharing

djmcloud.com podcast #31


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Hosted by me and Jessica.

show notes

Facebook buys Instagram. Jessica mentioned Instaport for backing up Instagram photos. Also Instarchive does the same thing.

What do people think about Facebook’s “frictionless sharing“?

Do different generations react to online sharing differently?

Alter-hyper-ironistic zombie-fication of hipsters.

Are the 1980s back or….what?

Living with war.

Why do so many share what so few create?

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Podcast 25 – Twitter is becoming like Myspace

djmcloud.com podcast #25: Twitter users obsess over popularity and use Favstar; plus Nikon D800, and Canon

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Hosted by me (@pacificpelican) and Jessica (@JessicaMcKeown).

podcast artwork

show notes

I talk with Jessica about Canon (point-and-shoot sales are weak while dSLR sales are strong) and Nikon (new D800).
Then I go on a long rant about how now Twitter is like Myspace used to be, driven by crass popularity statistics and thus incentivizing pandering behavior by users as they obsess over how their tweets are received. People allow reactions from a few users to shape their sharing choices. This is not exactly self-expression. Favstar seems to offer Twitter users a place to obsess over their online image, and show off to other users how often they have been re-tweeted and favorited.