The river downtown in Chicago – an iconic location, a difficult photographic target

I wandered around East Wacker Drive in Chicago when staying at a nearby hotel recently. Hoping to meet Jessica during a break from her conference, I walked across the Chicago River on the Michigan Avenue bridge and found her at the U of C conference facility’s cafeteria. When she was due to return for the afternoon sessions, I walked back to the hotel on the other side of the river and, despite the sprinkling of rain that prevented me from bringing my Nikon camera, I used my iPhone 4S to capture a few photos.
Some of the photos I took were interesting from a technical perspective–for example, an upriver shot was not at all beautiful aesthetically given the appalling architecture on the north bank there before the bend but which still revealed an interesting artifact of the 4S’s depth of field and where it ends along the river where detail of buildings offers a rich test of the issue where many deep backgrounds offer only gradients and sameness.
But there were a few I liked because they looked good, more or less. The images are compelling to me–but I have had to sadly reject the only photo in the group that was lined up the way I liked, because it was too dark and some 45 degrees off of where it should have been aimed–but that would have made it mis-aligned too. I don’t know.

downtown Chicago #1 (Michigan Avenue)

downtown Chicago #2

downtown Chicago #3

Podcast 44 – I was using my other computer

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DJMcloud podcast #44 – Now I see the convergence.

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OS X Mountain Lion.

TextMate on Github.


The funding effort was successful in raising over $500,000 to start a no-advertisers Twitter competitor. (Jessica and I discussed it in podcast #42.)

Julian Assange granted asylum by Ecuador; still in London.

Fisheye Pro, an iOS camera app that I discussed in episode 43, now has a “full-frame” fisheye mode along with the two circular fisheye modes (of those two I like “Lens 1”).

iA Writer for Mac and iA Writer for iPhone. [web site]

Caffeinated RSS Reader app. [web site]

44 poster with dinosaurs


Who wrinkled my Randy Travis poster!?”

Peanut Butter Alert.”

Left Of Center.”


Neener – “Jungle Symphony [unreleased track]”

71-year-old taken to the ground for questioning Paul Ryan.”


Miranda on “Porn.”

On Love and Beliefs.”

Marc Maron on “Magic Underwear.”

Rise And Fall Of The Spartans.”


Rogue – “Daybreak.”

Petra, Stryper, & Amy Grant.”


Podcast 43 – Then it has arrows

DJMcloud pocast episode #43 “Now I actually have made the flowchart

Hosted by me (@pacificpelican).

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Launch Center Pro iOS app (web site): Launch Ctr. Pro has a little bit of influence from similarly named applications on other platforms; the Mac platform has a program called Launch Bar that’s popular with power users; Quicksilver is one of its competitors; and if you go back to System Seven or other old operating systems Apple would have a “launcher” tool on the desktop in some configurations and these are all a way to launch into applications for the most part and also to cut to specific tasks and that’s what Launch Center Pro allows you to do on the iOS platform; it allows you to launch a lot of apps but it also allows you to do certain tasks within with those certain apps; for example go right to writing a draft or snapping a photo instead of starting the text editing or camera application and going through that app’s UI.  There are also other features in the app like you can basically set up an another place to put up speed dials because it allows you to dial a number with one touch so if you have a separate List of numbers to call maybe for a certain business or social group or something that you can keep them within the app.  You can use it to launch a window to send a text message to a specific person or send an email to a specific person or you can hit one button and tweet what’s in the clipboard.

Popsicolor iOS imaging app (web site).

Fisheye Pro iOS imaging app (web site).  [My fisheye video starring the birds.]

Podcast 33: iOS apps top 25.

Operation Northwoods.

iReddit iOS app.

I made a rough version of the flowchart that I talked about in episode 42.

The Windows 8 backlash is picking up steam.  My view, expressed in podcast #10.1, is that Windows 8 looks stupid.

Mac Power Users podcast on IFTTT and more.

podcast 43 artwork


STARSHIPS MUSIC VIDEO – Miranda Sings / Miranda on Chick-Fil-A.

I know what you’re planning to do!

The Devil is Trying to Destroy America With Progressive Socialism.”

Filthy.  Filthy dreamer.”

Beta Israel.”

Ethiopians stage protest in Jerusalem.”

On a mission.”