Podcast 44 – I was using my other computer

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DJMcloud podcast #44 – Now I see the convergence.

Hosted by me (@pacificpelican)

show notes

OS X Mountain Lion.

TextMate on Github.


The app.net funding effort was successful in raising over $500,000 to start a no-advertisers Twitter competitor. (Jessica and I discussed it in podcast #42.)

Julian Assange granted asylum by Ecuador; still in London.

Fisheye Pro, an iOS camera app that I discussed in episode 43, now has a “full-frame” fisheye mode along with the two circular fisheye modes (of those two I like “Lens 1”).

iA Writer for Mac and iA Writer for iPhone. [web site]

Caffeinated RSS Reader app. [web site]

44 poster with dinosaurs


Who wrinkled my Randy Travis poster!?”

Peanut Butter Alert.”

Left Of Center.”


Neener – “Jungle Symphony [unreleased track]”

71-year-old taken to the ground for questioning Paul Ryan.”


Miranda on “Porn.”

On Love and Beliefs.”

Marc Maron on “Magic Underwear.”

Rise And Fall Of The Spartans.”


Rogue – “Daybreak.”

Petra, Stryper, & Amy Grant.”