Podcast 101 – Hyper-scanner state of mind

“Neo-primitive section.” / “It had a wide sprawl.” / “This one is one of them.” / “Whole sections that are screwed..people widget-ized their own blogs.” / ^FiSA Court…rubber stamp.^ / ‘A nice bit of complexity.’ / ‘Everybody seems to want to be an IPA these days.’

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Nadia Ali – “Fantasy.”
Lady Gaga – “Applause.”
First 100 episodes of DJMcloud Podcast available here.
Former MTV star Farrah Abraham is now known as the “Backdoor Teen Mom.”
Heidi Montang.
Jessica on Haruki Murakami.
David Mitchell: ‘Cloud Atlas.’
James Risen on the government’s predictable, empty claims (always) after leaks: “It’s getting old.”
Oktoberfest Lager from Great Lakes Brewing Co in Cleveland, Ohio.
Cleveland fails at making promised bike lane on Detroit Avenue.
TyPic Pro for iOS; Jessica’s Instagram account: McJaguar.
WordPress: post formats, new default theme in version 3.6.
Katy Perry – “Roar.”

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