You will see the console (Podcast 155)

^People pop out of closets.^ / ^Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow.^ / “It kind of goes back to that 90s sensibility.” / “Use the math that’s necessary.” / “An enduring story.” / “Dark and plodding.”

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Macbeth by William Shakespeare [1611].
Macbeth by Orson Welles [1948].
Macbeth by Jack Gold [1983].

show notes

Zite shuts down; is Apple News or Flipboard the better replacement?

Mathematicians left baffled after three-year struggle over proof.”

UAW makes inroads into South with worker vote at VW plant.

William Basinski – “Divertissment Pt 2“.

Making private copies of music outlawed in Britain.

Will Tony Blair face a trial over Iraq war, as Jeremy Corbyn suggested?

Sham corporate arbitration continues to grow.

Supreme Court allows Highland Park to keep assault weapons ban.

NBA ad against gun violence.

Demographics still favor Democrats over Republicans, but by how much?


Movie: Pearl Jam Twenty.

New York’s ‘Bail Bond Queen’, ruler of a controversial industry.”

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Podcast 148 – Briefly available

‘After a while that’s the same shot.’ / “Other than the boots of course.” / ‘Well..who’s that woman?’ / ‘Why do we start recording at midnight always?’ / “Top-heavy bitterness..malty-high-punch.”

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Wild by Cheryl Strayed and ‘Wild’ from Fox Searchlight Pictures.

The Pacific Crest Trail.

Ray Jardine’s Adventure Page.

Launcher & Music Launcher for iOS.

Firefox developer edition.

Cassetteboy – “Emperor’s New Clothes rap.”

20 most popular beers in America.

TheWisemensCommittee – “Shengreg.” – “Nashville TN (Preview).”


Podcast 147 – Why does that get a ding?

“I had to turn the brim around.” / ‘Can you name other subsets?’ / ‘These fraternities are awful.’ / “Number 4 is the fedora.” / “Most tainted: the pointed hood.” / ‘Like they don’t know it’s supposed to be the other way.’

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show notes (co-hosted by Jessica)
Men’s Hats Ranked From Most to Least Tainted.”
Racist fraternity at University of Oklahoma.
Microsoft ad: Windows 10 developer wears Fedora.

Chris-chan’s 2010 video about McDonald’s character Grimace.
A Confederacy of Dunces by John Kennedy Toole.


Podcast 146 – It’s just certain days

“Both based on, and a projection on, Amy.” / ^It’s a very difficult era in which to be a person.^ / ^Now they want to ruin the Internet!^ / “Sparse, kind of heavy style.” / ^Flint is a smaller version of Detroit.^ / “You know, what’s your benchmark?” / “She had blackmail vomit.”

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show notes
Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn.
spoiler alert for Gone Girl

‘History Of Tha Streetz’ video.
Millions of dollars worth of seized ‘Silk Road’ Bitcoins auctioned off by Feds.
Retirement Planning Like a Dinosaur online book by me available now via independent press.
Semantic Versioning v 2.0.0.
Mercurial version control tutorial.
Fortnightly podcast.


Podcast 145 – The unattainable, or oblivion, or something

“The darker impulses and nature of Captain Ahab.” / “Definitely not in the Information Age.” / “Mills and stuff.” / “Foolishly chasing a whale that’s too fast to bother with.” / “Cosines and square roots.” / “Well this is worth continuing!”

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show notes
Co-hosted by Jessica.
Moby Dick: or, the White Whale by Herman Melville Kindle Edition.
Calcbot calculator app for iOS.
Noisli background noise app for iOS.

DJMcloud 64 podcast on iTunes.


Podcast 144 – The tape is going out

‘That guy’s a rebel.” / ‘It seems as though they never had a time to explain.’ / ^This is a harbinger.^ / ^Day by day, in as much detail as you can stand.^ / ^They will pull you out of your anchor chair.^ / ‘The early frames of somebody going crazy.’ / “The dude handed out flyers and then committed suicide apparently.” / “It’s one of those things you’ve got to come in prepared.”

show notes
Sunset [photo by Jessica] at Long Beach, Washington on Valentine’s weekend.
New theme for WordPress – Big Lake – (with widgetized front page and responsive sidebar post pages) designed for the front page.
Officer Ed Powell is aware of the trolls.
Phillip Perea, formerly of the local Fox News in Austin, Texas.
This podcast on iTunes.
Glenn Beck says “revolutionaries” will “shoot you.”
Book: Days in the History of Silence by Merethe Lindstrom.

Podcast 142 – The pour-over

‘Drinkable warm-hot.’ / “Designed to work on both.” / ‘Just a little shipping container basically.’ / ‘Glowing from the inside.’ / ‘I’ve-been-doing-this-all-day energy.’ / ‘You run the risk of being run over.’

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Podcast topics:

Starbucks Roastery on First Hill in Seattle.

Starbucks locations at grocery stores: are the workers there like caged animals?

Pacemaker, a DJ app for iPad that Jessica found.

Fedoras: Kickstarter top-hat-trilby-Nightmare (‘Le Grand Hat‘)

Woman in Idaho shot at a Walmart by own two year old.

16-year-old in Texas runs a man down with a car and kills him over not buying alcohol.

Non transparent” ETFs still yet waiting for approval.

Zuckerburg’s book club.

CloudMagic email client app for iPad.

djmcloud64Podcast142Jan205artworkByDanielJMcKeown podcast 140 – Big Week

^You post the video.^ / ‘Media…really lost that important position.’ / “The new enemy they just rolled out.” / ^They call it a grinder.^ / “A lot of compelling kind of scenes.” / “Y’know, place to eat…is it on Greenwood or Phinney?” / “slipshod 2-bit con job” / ‘Part of the overall scramble.’

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show notes

LIGHTS – “Oil and Water.”

Lie Down in Darkness by William Styron.

Cloud Nothings – “Now Hear In.”

Our Quirky Guide to Seattle.

Gunslinger & Shpongle – “Dreamcatcher (Interpulse Remix).”

Parakeets video: ‘House of Nubs Web Series’ episode 1.

Chris Chan‘ is on Kickstarter.

The Intercept on a fake media-hyped ^terror^ “threat.”

Jessica’s web site:

Neener – “Salt Water.”

My web site & novel Crossing the Continental Divide.

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pacificpelican.us64podcast140October2014artwork podcast 137 – There is no star

“I don’t know that it’s evolved beyond a web form with features.”/ “It’s definitely called a recipe.” / “They sort of deprecated the star.” / “It was all about the” / “They’ve definitely got the street talking.”

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show notes

Claude VonStroke: “CaliFuture.”

Photo: Grand Tetons.

Follow-up to podcast #136 on ‘Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?‘ by Phillip K. Dick.

Crapper on curb.’

Chicago’s “Wild 100s.”