Podcast 104 – European cornerstore drinks

“Yes there’s a flashlight.” / “Somewhere between Iceland and Morocco.” / ‘They’re still using the envelope for [e]mail.’ / ‘What other manufacturer’s making a white phone?’ / “Generally they’ll use cliches on people.” / “Maybe the S is for support.” / “An international river is a really strange idea isn’t it?” / “Trying to avoid shipwreck, with a low bandwidth connection.” / “When you would get knock-off pops.” / “You know they’re up to stuff.” / “They’re calling it ‘space gray.'” / “One year asylum ticket.” / “Grabbing up innovations from their developers.”

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Jonathan Trappe tries to fly across the Atlantic using a helium balloon cluster starting from Maine; makes it as far as Newfoundland.
Meanwhile in Reno, Nevada: “Full text of Marianne Theresa Johnson-Reddick’s obituary.”
Larry Summers withdraws (thankfully) from consideration to become Fed chairman.
Plans for Syria to abandon chemical weapons after diplomacy by Russia and the U.S. helps avoid war.
PS Vita 2000 released.
Apple announces iPhone 5S and 5C.
iOS 7 and AirDrop.
NSA hands raw intel to Israel, hopes it respects limits on usage.”
Orangina owner now also controls Lucozade (British soft drink) brand.  Will it finally come to America now?

Cleveland hate crimes at West Side bar caught on camera.”
Closed-down amusement parks: Action Park in New Jersey.  Geauga Lake park in Ohio.

GTA V review.

Tricky – “Tricky Kid” (1997).

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