podcast 103 – Gallons of hot water

^It’s more important that the president did go to Congress.^ / “Charities, non-profits: really just a tax filing classification.” / ^The only people mingling are those who, like you, don’t seem to know anyone important.^ / “They re-aggregate themselves.” / “Maybe they were just affirming the normative idea of marriage.” / ^Most of the time they don’t actually have a reason.^

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LinkedIn is a waste of time; Facebook is a bunch of bs.
Intruders shot with water hose at Church’s Chicken in Akron.
Leave This Club” by Screambird.
Fly Away” by Screambird.
The Charitable-Industrial Complex” by Peter Buffet.
Gravitons” by Neener.
Cleveland is Only Nation’s Tenth-Most Dangerous City.” [Previously: Podcast 87, partly about Cleveland.]
Other People” by Beach House.
Rep. Alan Grayson: Syria is “not our responsibility.”
Jack White – “I’m Shakin’.”
A few of my Colorado photos:
Epic “privacy browser.”
Google Chrome now has apps that are more than just web apps.

My novel Crossing the Continental Divide.

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