podcast 106 – Alright I’ll groom you

‘We have yet to find him saying ^that’s amazing^.’ / “Pony Express of the anarcho-capitalists.” / “He was a bird that did what he wanted.” / “You can hear his little warble.”

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show notes

Remembering our parakeet Dodger aka D-man (an awesome, chill bird).

Dodger the parakeet is watched by his buddy Belle, 8/302/2013
Dodger the parakeet is watched by his buddy Belle, 8/30/2013

–Chris Hayes says the U.S. government shutdown is a “full-blown constitutional crisis.”
–Scientology video with “datums” and other made-up nonsense-jargon via
–The FBI has arrested the man they claim had been running the “Silk Road,” a secretive web site (running on the Tor network) that was apparently a platform for drug trades and “other illicit goods.”
–World Cup qualifying rounds: Will Egypt host Ghana in Cairo with crowds in the stands?
–LA Dodgers continue a great season as they win the NLDS.
–Blogging platform bills itself as “The blogging platform powered by your Evernote documents.”
EA Sports settles lawsuit with former college football and basketball players over their likeness being used in games without compensation; lawsuit of players vs. NCAA still pending.
–JP Morgan trader who lost the firm some $6 billion due to his ill-advised trades has also cost the firm $920 million in fines.
–Don’t take your guns to town, if you’re planning to visit Starbucks.

–Le Blonde – “Sisters of the Moon.”
Screambird trance music project.
ProCamera 7 app for iOS.

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