podcast 107 – About my novel part 2

“I actually do talk about enjoying a light roast.” / ‘A sandy bit of mystery.’ / “It’s a novel–it’s text.” / ‘Corralled in a loving way.’ / “I wrote in the scenes I was planning to write.”

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show notes

Notes on my novel:

Crossing the Continental Divide [Amazon] [iBooks].

My previous discussion of the novel in podcast 60 (part 1)  included some details about characters and plot, along with some background.

Is the book too short? (No.)
Ebook formats: ePub [the one I used], KF8, etc.
Pages for Mac (for ePub creation).
Releasing the novel on Kindle [May 2013].
Releasing the novel on iBooks [July 2013].
Other platforms that the book is not [yet] available for: Kobo, Google Books, Nook.
My (self) publishing house: DJMcloud/ independent press.
This book was an attempted fusion of the broad Continental sweep of Victor Hugo with the blinding American speed of Hunter S. Thompson; a combination of stuff I’d experienced, stuff I’d seen, stories I’d heard, stories I’d read, and stuff I made up.
What would a Tumblr-feminist critique of the book sound like? (I’m not sure.) Is Lisga a ‘manic pixie dream girl?’ (No.)
Are there too many typos? (Maybe a few too many of/if mixups, but much of the book uses run-on sentences, made-up names, odd spellings etc. intentionally: following thought rather than form.)
Does the book fit into any currently popular genres of fiction? (No. [Maybe New Adult? NA?] No.)
Am I a bit alarmist about the Midwest? (I don’t know I love the region but it’s so crazy.)

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