Podcast 129 – A pretty cool radar readout

“A lot of songs with very prescriptive lectures on how to take on house music.” / “I think I was the audience they were making that for.” / “It’s trying to be iOS 7 friendly.” / ‘I just listened to that going to sleep.’ / “An old mill town.” / “Low ceilings and columns.” / “Giving me this fake connectivity message.” / “I hit the check mark.”

Listen: download the mp3.

show notes (co-hosted by Jessica)

Nirvana – “Lake of Fire.”

NY Times: “Chasing Kurt Cobain in Washington State.”

Pinner for iOS: Pinboard client.

Showyou video aggregator.

Bain cat.

Cockatiel sings.

Mark Knight – “Your Love (original mix).”

Oculus Rift bought by Facebook. shuttering music subscription service.

Johnny Cash – “Hurt.”

Intellicast iOS weather app.

Pretty Lights – “Finally Moving.”

A yoga playlist by Jessica: “Yoga Berea Rec.”

Chris Christie bridge scandal: David Samson resigns, Christie gets interrupted.

What are “dead genres” in fiction and how many people are writing in them?


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