Podcast 130 – The northern shore of the game’s map

‘A lot of people are getting password change reminders.’ / “L1 and R1 in PlayStation-speak.” / “It’s going to record audio of its own blades [moving].” / “She had the pink cere.” / “Y’know Chicago.”

Listen: download the mp3.

Show Notes (co-hosted by Jessica)

Remote control helicopter with camera as mentioned on podcast 125.

Goat Rampage game for iPhone.

Let’s get social” song.

Res – “They Say Vision.”

New Spotify app design: dark and flat.

Our tributes to house legend Frankie Knuckles and parakeet Sparta (aka Sparty).

My Webcam Broadcaster for Mac and My Webcam [the viewing app] for iOS.

Follow You (club mix)” by Nitrous Oxide, Aneym.

The Heartbleed Bug” exploits OpenSSL.


Little Walter – “You’re So Fine.”


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