Podcast 131 – There were many heroes

^This electronic digital command system.^ / “Those types of [late night] shows, are they for morning people?” / ‘At least I’m not driving on bricks.’ / “If you use OS X.9 and you have a spinning hard drive, you’re going to have a beach ball party.” / ^He looks like he could be hitchhiking.^

Listen: download the mp3.

show notes (co-hosted by Jessica)

“Scary” Perry Caravello done with acting(??); late night talk shows.

Videos by Rauscheder: Cleveland potholes and plastic 40oz. of IceHouse.

New Twitter profile pages.

The “Fail Whale,” created by Yiying Lu.

BBC: “Unusual punishment for US bully” in Ohio.

“Missing Boy Found Inside Claw Machine.”

Brodinski: “Nobody Rules the Streets.”

Heavy metal crews brawl in Lakewood.

Calvin Harris – “Century (Tiesto and Moska remix).”

Google’s new Android (Kit Kat) camera app discourages vertical videos.


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