podcast 140 – Big Week

^You post the video.^ / ‘Media…really lost that important position.’ / “The new enemy they just rolled out.” / ^They call it a grinder.^ / “A lot of compelling kind of scenes.” / “Y’know, place to eat…is it on Greenwood or Phinney?” / “slipshod 2-bit con job” / ‘Part of the overall scramble.’

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show notes

LIGHTS – “Oil and Water.”

Lie Down in Darkness by William Styron.

Cloud Nothings – “Now Hear In.”

Our Quirky Guide to Seattle.

Gunslinger & Shpongle – “Dreamcatcher (Interpulse Remix).”

Parakeets video: ‘House of Nubs Web Series’ episode 1.

Chris Chan‘ is on Kickstarter.

The Intercept on a fake media-hyped ^terror^ “threat.”

Jessica’s web site:

Neener – “Salt Water.”

My web site & novel Crossing the Continental Divide.

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