Literally I Walked In (Podcast #152)

^Millions of our fellow Americans are working at wages that are much, much too low.^ / ‘Hillary..needs to shore up her sh__.’ / “You know I’m definitely no ‘Friends’ scholar.” /  “A mock Lewis and Clark farce.”

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show notes
Ryukyu front-end web framework.
Bernie Sanders in Portland.
“George Will is a disaster.”
iOS9Crystal iOS ad blocker.

Podcast 148 – Briefly available

‘After a while that’s the same shot.’ / “Other than the boots of course.” / ‘Well..who’s that woman?’ / ‘Why do we start recording at midnight always?’ / “Top-heavy bitterness..malty-high-punch.”

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show notes

Wild by Cheryl Strayed and ‘Wild’ from Fox Searchlight Pictures.

The Pacific Crest Trail.

Ray Jardine’s Adventure Page.

Launcher & Music Launcher for iOS.

Firefox developer edition.

Cassetteboy – “Emperor’s New Clothes rap.”

20 most popular beers in America.

TheWisemensCommittee – “Shengreg.” – “Nashville TN (Preview).”


Podcast 145 – The unattainable, or oblivion, or something

“The darker impulses and nature of Captain Ahab.” / “Definitely not in the Information Age.” / “Mills and stuff.” / “Foolishly chasing a whale that’s too fast to bother with.” / “Cosines and square roots.” / “Well this is worth continuing!”

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show notes
Co-hosted by Jessica.
Moby Dick: or, the White Whale by Herman Melville Kindle Edition.
Calcbot calculator app for iOS.
Noisli background noise app for iOS.

DJMcloud 64 podcast on iTunes.


Podcast 143 – On any screen

‘There is some possibility of some entertainment.’ / “A talking puppet for the GOP..” / ‘Non-sequiturs and insanity.’ / “The onslaught of all these new [programming] languages.”

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show notes
Jessica and I talk about a range of topics including Sarah Palin and “triple that amount of fingers,” Chris-chan, trolls, and a ‘documentary‘ on about him on YouTube, grid systems in front-end frameworks like Bootstrap and Foundation, my Material Design influenced WordPress theme Portage Bay at v1.0.0, the ‘long form’ reading trend, the effect of emojis and meme stickers on communication, and the apps ComicBook! and

podcast 141 – “One-horse sleigh on a night with some snow and stuff”

“I don’t like things being cut off mid-sentence.” / “It might be a slightly crowded market.” / “They just steal images off of the Internent for their PowerPoint presentations.” / “At the edge of downtown Orlando.”

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show notes

Overcast podcatcher app.

‘Plagiarism Today’ on public domain (and not) Christmas songs.

Youtube playlist: Videos that excerpt clips from different episodes of this podcast on specific topics (books, Cleveland, Twitter, MSU, gun culture, OS X, and more).

Microsoft removing ^clipart^ from its Office product.

New version of Drafts app [Drafts 4] for iOS 8.

pacificpelican64podcast141artwork-Dec2014-byDanMcKeown Podcast 123 – My posture picture

“More simular.” / ‘That’s not a word.’ / ^All over America, people must be writing.^ / “You can only guess at the details of the story.” / “In 2001 I had a Vaio desktop.” / “Potentially the Internet could become very difficult for small content providers.” / ‘Achy blurb.’ / “What is the real purpose of backing up your data?” / ^The sort of place unconventional, mixed-up people would come from.^

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Show notes

Draft for Android.

Byword for iOS.

Drafts for iOS.

Swype keyboard for Android.

Accidental Tech Podcast: touch keyboards of the future?

The Hawk in Paris: “Wake Me Up.”

Simple digital camera using a ^Raspberry Pi^ via Digital Trends.

Kitten bouquet on ThinkGeek.

Sony plans to shutter its Vaio PC business.

Applebees is changing me” video.

Phony Orphants – ‘Sun Sessions.’

Is net neutrality in peril?

Rezonate: “Pump it.”

Eric Sneo feat. Chris the Voice – “Shut Up and Dance (Pleasurekraft remix).”

Exporting emails from Gmail using Google Takeout.

Book: `The Bell Jar,’ the 1963 novel by Sylvia Plath.

Adventure Club – “Wonder (TriiCore remix).”

My novel.

WashingtonForestPacificpelican64PodcastartworkJan2014byDanMcKeown podcast 121 – Those swooshy gated synth sounds

^Next thing I know I hear this ruckus.^ / ‘It happens a lot on the DJ world.’ / “Eventually they would call those people back with their own soundboards.” / ^But as the years went on somewhat ____ changed.^ / ‘We actually got a magnet of it.’ / “They were slingin’ this story.” / ‘Didn’t mention the cake again.’ / “He would never want to eat in a hotel.” / “An amped-out kind of trippiness.” / Kind of Ravey / ‘Sounds pretty much like trance to me.’ / “This was held up as cool house music at the time.” / “They’ll know its a voucher.” / ^This instinct to perpetuate useless work.^

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Show notes [co-hosted by Jessica]

Bad Boys Bail Bonds.

Chris Christie and the George Washington Bridge scandal.

Krewella: “Live for the Night.”

Flowjob – ‘USB Ready.’

Book: Down and Out in Paris and London by George Orwell.

Are progressive reformers winning a “victory or two against big money” as Paul Krugman suggests?

Michigan State wins against Stanford in the Rose Bowl game.

Vin Scully on hashtags.

420 mile marker sign stolen so much in Colorado that the new sign reads 419.99.

Legal cannabis/marijuana now being sold in stores in Colorado.

Liz Cheney rage-quits her campaign for a Senate seat from Wyoming.

Dolphins painting.

Next-generation video codecs: Google’s free VP9 versus H.265.

Is Bitcoin facing a backlash?

iOS app: Fragment.

Brett Anderson: “Unsung.” podcast 114 – If you go back far enough he was kind of a glam rocker

“The idea that music could be in the background.” / “There’s a term called ^gunwriter^.” / ‘If no one’s going to buy it, it’s just a crazy thing.’ / ‘It’s starting to get that ^dump everything^ effect.’ / “I guess it’s made its way to Buffalo.” / ‘They manage the swell.’ / ‘There’s just going to be ads pretty much everywhere.’ / ^Readers are hopping mad about it.^ / ‘Click click click click click.’

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show notes (co-hosted by Jessica)

Are external hard drives in danger of being compromised or erased when plugged in to Macs running OS X 10.9 (Mavericks)?
Chris Berman rants.
Toronto mayor Rob Ford admits (after previous denials) to smoking crack; a subsequent video shows him threatening someone’s life.
Marijuana legalization is supported by 58% of Americans.
iOS PDF reader: NeoSoar.
‘Guns and Ammo’ magazine fires editor who wrote a moderate column on gun regulation after facing backlash.
Twitter IPO.
Youtube integrates Google+ into its comments system.
SnappyCam Pro camera app: take a bunch of exposures with your iPhone, choose the one you like best.
David Bowie and Brian Eno.
Chicago chef Charlie Trotter has died at 54.
Democrat Terry McAuliffe wins election for governor of Virginia.
The Debian GNU Linux distribution is switching from GNOME TO Xfce.  The fallout from the unpopular UI changes in GNOME 3 continues.
iPhone app for taking short videos: Vinyet.
Nikon Df retro-styled dSLR. podcast 110 – Carry a gong around with you

‘I don’t know if there’s a limit.’ / ^The basement of this Mexican restaurant.^ / “Agricultural work as fun.” / ‘People are into that ALL CAPS stuff now.’ / ‘They have a whole dance move to go with it.’ / “A chunky fake serif kind of look to it.” / ‘A lot of pumpkins and apple picking.’

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Show Notes (co-hosted by Jessica)
“Dayman” sung by Japanese kids.
Patterson Fruit Farm in Ohio.
Chris Hayes on the government shutdown.
Kate Spade Saturday fashion line.
Cabrini Green in Chicago. podcast 105 – To drive all night

“You’d spend a lot of time just, getting places with a horse.” / “A big part of the ‘flat’ is the icons.” / “The book they’re *going* to read.” / ‘A lot more epic.’ / “The way they simulate the waves.” / “How much ^ice^ you got around your neck and stuff.” / “I drove up in windmill country.” / “I think it’s based on the Salton Sea.” / “Did they say ^swag^?” / ‘You can’t see parts that you haven’t been to.’ / “You can backspin and topspin.” / “That just means iPhones are popular.” / ‘And I was like, okay.’ / “You can get out of the car and do other stuff.”

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GTA V: blimp via Amazon pre-order, diving for cash.
Navy yard shooting [via ABC News].
Windows 8 backlash continues [via boogie2988].
iOS 7.
Om Gurl Yoga.
My novel Crossing the Continental Divide.
Neko Case.