podcast 121 – Those swooshy gated synth sounds

^Next thing I know I hear this ruckus.^ / ‘It happens a lot on the DJ world.’ / “Eventually they would call those people back with their own soundboards.” / ^But as the years went on somewhat ____ changed.^ / ‘We actually got a magnet of it.’ / “They were slingin’ this story.” / ‘Didn’t mention the cake again.’ / “He would never want to eat in a hotel.” / “An amped-out kind of trippiness.” / Kind of Ravey / ‘Sounds pretty much like trance to me.’ / “This was held up as cool house music at the time.” / “They’ll know its a voucher.” / ^This instinct to perpetuate useless work.^

Listen: download the mp3.


Show notes [co-hosted by Jessica]

Bad Boys Bail Bonds.

Chris Christie and the George Washington Bridge scandal.

Krewella: “Live for the Night.”

Flowjob – ‘USB Ready.’

Book: Down and Out in Paris and London by George Orwell.

Are progressive reformers winning a “victory or two against big money” as Paul Krugman suggests?

Michigan State wins against Stanford in the Rose Bowl game.

Vin Scully on hashtags.

420 mile marker sign stolen so much in Colorado that the new sign reads 419.99.

Legal cannabis/marijuana now being sold in stores in Colorado.

Liz Cheney rage-quits her campaign for a Senate seat from Wyoming.

Dolphins painting.

Next-generation video codecs: Google’s free VP9 versus H.265.

Is Bitcoin facing a backlash?

iOS app: Fragment.

Brett Anderson: “Unsung.”

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