Podcast 123 – My posture picture

“More simular.” / ‘That’s not a word.’ / ^All over America, people must be writing.^ / “You can only guess at the details of the story.” / “In 2001 I had a Vaio desktop.” / “Potentially the Internet could become very difficult for small content providers.” / ‘Achy blurb.’ / “What is the real purpose of backing up your data?” / ^The sort of place unconventional, mixed-up people would come from.^

Listen: download the m4a.

Show notes

Draft for Android.

Byword for iOS.

Drafts for iOS.

Swype keyboard for Android.

Accidental Tech Podcast: touch keyboards of the future?

The Hawk in Paris: “Wake Me Up.”

Simple digital camera using a ^Raspberry Pi^ via Digital Trends.

Kitten bouquet on ThinkGeek.

Sony plans to shutter its Vaio PC business.

Applebees is changing me” video.

Phony Orphants – ‘Sun Sessions.’

Is net neutrality in peril?

Rezonate: “Pump it.”

Eric Sneo feat. Chris the Voice – “Shut Up and Dance (Pleasurekraft remix).”

Exporting emails from Gmail using Google Takeout.

Book: `The Bell Jar,’ the 1963 novel by Sylvia Plath.

Adventure Club – “Wonder (TriiCore remix).”

My novel.


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