Podcast 13

djmcloud.com podcast 13: iPhone 4S announced, Snail Domino, Dolphin Browser, Lake Michigan trip, No Sleep trance song from Screambird, Delicious.com changeover, Pinterest, Netflix/Qwikster debacle, sketchy social networking, declining cinema attendance, more on Spotify

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Oct. 4, 2011

hosted by Dan: http://goo.gl/5c3ju

and Jessica: http://goo.gl/tVxcE

djmcloud podcast 13

show notes

iPhone 4S announced

iOS apps

-Dolphin Browser: http://goo.gl/MOniD

-Snail Domino: http://goo.gl/ilSio

Lake Michigan anniversary trip: photos: http://goo.gl/sGvl3

Meta: djmcloud.com podcast [aka djmblog.com podcast aka danieljmckeown.com podcast]

Screambird: new song: No Sleep: http://goo.gl/u46py

and video: http://goo.gl/jDnQQ

Trends in social networking

-Delicious.com changes owners; changes site; deletes accounts that didn’t move over to new site/terms

-Spotify requires Facebook login to start an account with them now http://goo.gl/dOS2I

-What is the point of sites like lockerz.com?  Please don’t tell me that “Gen Z” or whatever are all that dumb. http://goo.gl/ZSuGZ

-Time to delete my account on Linkedin http://goo.gl/gtg5j