Podcast 100 – What story I want to tell of myself

“He’s talking about his train set and his old cars.” / ‘This a break song.’ / ‘The ongoing theme in my life has been epic changes.’ / ^High velocity folk music.^ / “Someone nicknamed them the Glimmer Twins.” / ‘Micro-information sharing.’ / ‘Irony loop.’ / “Flashbacking device.”

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Co-hosted by Jessica.

Roll with me.”

Man facing up to 13 years in prison for writing in chalk outside Bank of America is acquitted.

Al Jourgensen from Ministry.

Life by Keith Richards.

Waging Heavy Peace by Neil Young.

Boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS).

Discrimination at an Israeli pool.

African grey parrot singing along with “Always look on the bright side of life.”

Synth pop.


Edward Snowden interview.

Why Jessica stopped using 4square.

My novel.

DJMcloud soundboard.

“Flying saucers.”

Podcast 91 – Flaky sugary buttery texture

‘^Hair icon^: debatable’ / “Apparently scoring movies isn’t as fun as it sounds.” / “Incredibly strange Internet stuff.” / “Card-like.” / ‘Bands that yell at you.’ / ‘Reminds me of the 90s.’ / “I don’t want to pre-roll ads.”

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show notes

Industrial Music:

Filter: “Self Inflicted.”

Stabbing Westward: “So Far Away.”

New blog from the creator of the now-shuttered okcgoldmine.com site: i-ppl.com.

My Youtube channel trailer.

Apple WWDC announcements include iOS 7 [with re-designed UI, photo filters, background updates to apps, iTunes radio & iCloud Airdrop].

Two of my favorite iPhone camera replacement apps to use instead of the default iOS 6 camera: 645 Pro and PureShot from jag.gr.

iBooks on Mac (and an update to Mac OS X called Mavericks [somewhat technical PDF from Apple]; also new MacBook Airs and Mac Pros.)

My novel.

Jessica explains the cronut and the doissant.

PRISM program exposed.  Edward Snowden steps forward (from Hong Kong) as a leaker of government info on spying programs; Daniel Ellsberg says this may be the biggest leak in American history; Julian Assange praises Snowden’s actions.  Mark Udall (Democratic Senator from Colorado) wants to re-consider the PATRIOT Act.  Barack Obama probably still wants to “look forward.”

The BBC probably regretted booking Alex Jones for their Sunday politics program (he was there in Britain to float by the Bilderberg group meeting on a barge).

Byword text/markdown editor (for Mac).

Jeremy Scahill and Chris Hayes compare Obama to his predecessor George W. Bush.

Bill Maher brings a little realism to the discussion of Ronald Reagan’s legacy.

photo of Dan by Jessica
photo by Jessica

Podcast 89 – I like to just go with what I see

‘Reply, file, delete.’ / “We need to get more of your rhymes on the streets.” / ‘My Facebook feed is all brands and companies.’ / “I use a POP3 account” / ^Party pics with Solo cups on Webshots.^ / “Meta-categories of email types.”

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show notes

Webshots users reacting to deletion of data.

DM1 drum machine app for iPhone.

Arctic Keys keyboard app (by One Red Dog Media) for iPhone.

Colorado passes laws aimed at regulating the sale of marijuana (which was legalized there in 2012).

WeAreChange.org took video at an anti-Monsanto event in New York.  We discussed being at the protest in Cleveland and taking pictures in podcast #88.  ABC News wrote about it online as Jessica noted.

Republican Rep. Michelle Bachmann quitting Congress.  She once said that the media should “take a look” to see if House and Senate members are “anti-America.”

Baby survives being flushed in China.

Gmail App for iPhone.

Google’s video about the new Gmail inbox.

Mailbox App for iPhone.

[‘First Day of Dinosaur Skool’ artwork by Jessica.]

Podcast 86 – The drones among them

‘Fruit cup for 4 dollars.’ / “Right now a lot of the same idiots are saying there should be a war against Syria.” / “They’re not new though.” / “This might be taking it to a new level.” / “‘Ways that are upwards and ways that are manifest.'” / “This nonsense talk about ‘red lines.'” / “Have you heard how stupid that thing is?”/ ‘You can play yoga in [GTAV].” / “A distinctive bass sound.” / “The answers, or something.”

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show notes – Episode #86

Jean short overalls?

Pat Buchanan on RT.

Rachel Maddow show on the Bush Library.

Andy Rourke joins Johnny Marr onstage for “How Soon is Now?”

“4th Amendment rights stripped..chanting U.S.A! U.S.A! We are embarrassed!”

Glenn Beck on (??).

Jedis and marriage.

GTA V: Epsilonism.

Podcast 34: clips from the Neener 2 album

I discuss the new album from our band, Neener. The podcast includes pre-taped segments of discussion about the music with Jessica and me mixed with clips of the songs.

download: get the podcast mp3

Also I mention the pacificpelican.us/podcast video about the LP, called Neener 2(012).

We discussed the song writing process in podcast #28.

Get the Neener 2 album (free mp3 downloads).

Two ways to get Screambird music (buy or torrent)

From the Screambird site:

The first four tracks by Screambird are now available from two different sources:

You can get them from the Google Play store if you want to support Screambird by buying one or several $0.99 songs.  (The store divides revenues with the typical 70/30 split between myself and Google.)

Screambird’s first four tracks (spanning 2011-2012) are also available for free as a torrent.

Podcast 32: 645 Pro, @Pocket, ZooTool, Screambird mp3s, MLB 2012 on PS Vita and more with Jessica

djmcloud.com podcast #32

Hosted by me and Jessica.


download the mp3 or download the ogg Vorbis

show notes

April 27, 2012


My Screambird alternative trance music project now has a page on Google Play where all the tracks released so far (four of them) can be purchased (or listened to for free):

iOS apps:

645 Pro: a camera app that has an option to create tiff files as well as jpg files, and offers some cool features like real-time ISO data, optional grid overlays, day and night modes, and aspect ratio dial.

Pocket: (formerly ReadItLater): an app that downloads the text from stories for reading later; competitor to Readability which was mentioned in episode #29.

Mac App:

Read Later: a free desktop client app for the Pocket (formerly ReadItLater) service.

web app:

ZooTool: a free social bookmarking service; works with Reeder. [Reeder was reviewed in episode #11].

PS Vita/PS3 games:

MLB The Show 2012 (PS3 and PS Vita versions)

Podcast 30: Byword and Arctic Keys for iOS, my stuff on GitHub, Hunter S. Thompson, Audacity 2, Saints D

djmcloud.com podcast #30 show notes

Listen: download the mp3

Hunter S. Thompson

GrandFork theme is on GitHub, as is the pacificpelican.us/cms code

my book: Like Any Ganster–Selected Writings 2006-2011

collaborating with GarageBand for iOS

Audacity audio recording program (for Windows/Mac/Linux) reaches version 2.0

Arctic Keys synthesizer app for iOS

iOS text editor Byword

moving to iCloud

Victor Hugo


clip: locker room speech to New Orleans Saints defense by Gregg Williams

DJ Rig iOS app

everythingisterrible.com live in Cleveland Heights

Neener – http://blogs.sf3am.com/neener/

Screambird – http://screambird.djmcloud.com/

djmcloud Soundcloud page: http://soundcloud.com/djmcloud

Moon Bird artwork

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Salt Water artwork podcast artwork featuring Belle and Dodger the blue parakeets

Podcast 26

podcast artwork featuring Belle and Dodger the blue parakeets

djmcloud.com podcast #26: syncing note app for iOS, Google Music client, iTunes Match, new OS X version on the way

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Hosted by me (@pacificpelican)

podcast artwork featuring Belle and Dodger the blue parakeets

show notes

-Intro song: “Pacific Shores” by Neener from the forthcoming Neener 2 LP

-Apple announces upcoming desktop OS release: OS X Mountain Lion (10.8); Jim joins in on this segment to help me discuss what that means

iTunes Match

[I talked preliminarily about iTunes Match and Google Music in podcast 12.]

-Intermission song: “Salt Water” by Neener from the forthcoming Neener 2 LP; Jessica joins me to talk about our music and more

-e-Commerce and social networking: Gamestop, Nordstrom, and Gap have all opened and shut down storefronts on Facebook already.

danmckeown.info update

-new version (2.0) of popular free “play anything” VLC media player for Mac, Linux and Windows

-iOS apps:

Nebulous Notes: take notes in a simple text entry interface, and then send them to your Dropbox. [I talked about Dropbox in podcast 11 and about note-taking alternative Evernote in podcast 10.]

Melodies Pro: play your Google Music collection on your iPhone