Podcast 16

djmcloud.com podcast #16:

Occupy Movements raided across the country, GarageBand comes to iPhone, video sharing, ads in Twitter, iOS photo apps including Photogene2, LensLight, and Pocket Camera PRO–the intersection of apps and activism

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hosted by Dan (@pacificpelican)


show notes for episode #16, Nov. 15, 2011

iOS/iPhone apps

Photogene2: a new app for editing, cropping, filtering, and even adding text on photos


Pocket Camera PRO by Punicasoft: a point-and-shoot camera simulator, down to the left-right up-down button activated menu


LensLight: like LensFlare [covered on podcast #14], but with different light and color patterns to place atop your iPhone photos


The Amazing Type-Writer: App that simulates using a type-writer; can export writings (in type-writer style and font) as images


GarageBand for iOS: The very cool mini DAW music creation software for iOS is now universal, meaning it can run on recent iPhones (and iPod Touches) as well as iPads now.


Wall of Sound: an app that plays music and allows you to explore your collection using album art


in other news

new bug fix version of free and open source pacificpelican.us/cms ( now available


ads in Twitter stream

Instagr.am grows; will it add video?

Youtube vs. Vimeo

big road wins in college football: Oregon beats Stanford; Michigan State beats Iowa

Occupy Wall Street #ows

Global Revolution live stream

We Are The Other 99 live stream

Paul Krugman on the raid of Zucotti Park in New York City.

Instagr.am blog with photos from the New York raid

BBC News on the Occupy Oakland raid


The first half (roughly) of this podcast was broadcast live via Ustream, and is archived on that site.

Thanks to Jim for the music in this episode.