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show notes – June 20, 2012

Podcasts 1 through 10 are going to be in the podcast feed.  This is because the podcast moved from djmblog.com to djmcloud.com at episode 11, and shows 1 to 10 are still at the old site.  Now all the podcasts will be available right on the djmcloud.com site and on the podcasts tag page.  This should make back issues easier to find.  The old djmblog.com site (now actually located at blog.djmcloud.com) is powered by Posterous and they got bought by Twitter and their future is unclear.  So now is a good time to syndicate the old episodes onto the current site.

So this podcast is the one right before the early ones, and so it’s called podcast zero.


Bristol Palin, the daughter of idiotic Republican sideshow Sarah Palin, gets yelled at by some dude on her stupid cable show.

(See this video that I took in 2008 of one of Sarah Palin’s last, dumbest speeches as VP candidate in Lakewood, Ohio.)

Smodcast episode #214: Not everyone thinks “The 80s” is cool.

The podcast “Opiniated” repeats one of those enduring myths that many “smart people” repeat: that the world is overpopulated.  By what criteria?  Who is the ‘excess population’ then?  Isn’t this a largely discredited notion that has been around since the 1960s at least?

Some people just want to see a lot of people die and will come up with any kind of rationalization they can.  Hollywood movies are probably partly to blame.

A toxic mix of facts and nonsense laying the groundwork for a controllable contrarianism whenever decency compels people to question the brutal practices and conventions of an intentionally violent government–daring people to be afraid that some kind of profound danger awaits those who believe in their own feelings and reason.  The self-indenified “smart person” has no way of knowing how full of distortions and mis-implications-of-existing-misconceptions junk news like NPR and the New Yorker are filled with.  The vocabulary of boring tells them there must be substance in all of this.

photos I took in Europe a while ago:

Arc de Triomphe

Tower Bridge

Grande Arche de la Défense

Basilique du Sacre Coeur



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