Podcast 5

djmblog.com podcast #5 (March 2011) show notes

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iPhone (and 4th gen. iPod Touch) apps

-photo apps

Image Blender



-RSS reading app [omitted in this podcast; maybe I’ll actually mention it next time, it’s cool]

MobileRSS Pro


Tiny Wings

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit by EA


-Jessica’s and my band Neener has a new album

new and announced tablet computers

iPad 2 running iOS 4 (a review)

-Motorola Xoom running Android 3 (a review)

-HP tablet running webOS

-Blackberry Playbook

SFPD is hiring sign on MUNI bus

news and current events

-San Francisco police corruption scandal

cases dropped

federal investigation

-Illinois bans state-sanctioned killing

–“capital punishment” is an Orwellian term

–“death penalty” backers get tripped up on false notions

–When will more states join Illinois and others in abolition?

-Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin & other states with fanatical, far-right, anti-worker Republican governors

Jose Reyes


-Ohio State’s football program under investogation, self-punishment

-Miami Heat players cry in the locker room after loss to Chicago

-New York Mets engulfed by the Madoff scandal

Cleveland Indians home opener 2009

-Opening day in Cleveland: will it rain?

[originally posted March 11, 2011]