Podcast 4

show notes for djmblog.com podcast #4

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Host: Dan (danieljmckeown.com)
Guests: Jim and Mark
1. iOS apps
a. games
i. Tap to Flap
ii. Cut the Rope Holiday Gift (the one I confusedly tried to reference last time)
iii. Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2
iv. FIFA 11
b. camera
i. Retro video apps

I. 8mm

II. iSupr8 [still haven’t tried this one yet]

ii. “Camera replacement”: apps

ProCamera: Cool imaging features, also does video

II. Camera+: Includes post processing filters, built-in photo sharing

2. sports talk
a. Chicago Bears vs. Green Bay Packers and the pursuit of the Halas Trophy
3. URL shortening script
a. Why have your own URL shortener?
i. Some sites use one to make their URLs Twitter-friendly
I. nyti.ms; youtu.be; wp.me, t.co

ii. Still trying to roll my own for my own site; project called pacificpelican.us/cms

I. Doesn’t use a SQL database

II. Requires a password

III. Can do 301 redirects or JavaScript redirects

IV. Allows CSS to work with pre-loaded IDs and classes already there

V. Implemented at r.sf3am.com

b. If you want to use a 3rd party URL shortener, bit.ly is solid; goo.glis the new name out there

4 New videos
a. Christmas in Chicago (2010)
b. The Treat [starring the parakeets]

5. Google Chrome drops H.264 for webM–is this good for the web?

[originally posted January 23, 2011]