Podcast 36 – Jim & Jessica, Nexus Q and Apple TV, Wikileaks, PS Vita, Soul Caliber IV and V

djmcloud.com podcast #36 featuring Jim and Jessica

show notes – July 1, 2012

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Google Nexus Q

Eric Schmidt’s (incorrect) Google TV prediction



Apple’s Podcasts app

Last day for MobileMe – June 30, 2012


G Drive

key limes vs. regular limes; lime seeds??

Julian Assange of Wikileaks seeks political asylum from Ecuador.

James Risen subpoena.

PS Vita

Virtua Tennis


Wipeout 2048

Daily Herald (Chicago NW suburbs local paper) has a hybrid paywall:  Either subscribe to the paper or “answer a question to continue reading this page.”


Chrome for iPhone and iPad


Soul Caliber IV and Soul Caliber V


Pinball HD

Youtube now allows users to use their Google+ profile on the site.

My Youtube page

The second edition of my book ‘Like Any Gangster’ is about to be released (this month some time).