Podcast 95 – Discussions of dualities

^Everybody I showed it to said it was terrible.^ / ^It led absolutely nowhere and was hence enjoyable.^ / ^To Cleveland or someplace.^ / “Hunter S Thompson was a very very big fan.” / ^No matter whether he was successful or not successful society was turning out more and more misfits.^

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Music by Jessica.

Tropic of Capricorn by Henry Miller.

Podcast 88 – Not many artists are better than their remix

‘I would have invited people to come up and share their stories.” / “Don’t you think we have the right to know what’s in our food?” / “The dynamics of letting people talk.” / ‘A big mesh of images.’ / ‘A lot of them are using genetically modified [seeds].’ / “When you said Pinterest-ization…” / “And a few people walked into the burrito place when we were leaving who I think had been protesting.”

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Co-hosted by Jessica.

show notes

Natasha Leggero on Duncan Trussell’s podcast: “Commercials…Creating empires by tricking dumb people [~45min].”

Adam Kokesh arrested at a marijuana legalization rally in Philadelphia; he had been trying to organize an armed march on Washington D.C. from Virginia on July 4; released a few days later.  The Tactical Response guy threw cold water on the gun march plans.

Heckler interrupts Barack Obama speech over drones and Guantanamo.

Justice Department spied on AP reporters; should Eric Holder resign?

Republican Senator Rand Paul wants to keep drugs illegal, of course.

Protesters around the world against Monsanto and GMO foods: Jessica’s photos from the Cleveland protest.

My book, Crossing the Continental Divide now has its first edition and is for sale in the Amazon Kindle store.

MS MR – Hurricane (CHVRCHES Remix) on SoundCloud.

Flickr redesigns its site. [My Flickr photos.]

Lisa Lampanelli uses racist word on Twitter, Wendy Williams responds.  Lena Dunham responds.

Podcast 60 – About my novel

My new book, Crossing the Continental Divide, is discussed in this episode.

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Hosted by me.

show notes – episode #60

In this podcast I discuss my draft novel, a short book I wrote in November called Crossing the Continental Divide. (Get the book on your choice of platforms at this link.)
-The outlines of the plot.
-Characters from Yoss and Eamon to Brenda and Lisga to Orgetorix and Gilliat and more.
-I read excerpts from chapters 41, 3, and 6.
-Locations described in passing and in detail–Cleveland, Chicago suburbs, western Michigan, San Francisco.
-Publishing the eBook.

Opening music: “Dance With The Dinosaur (Screambird remix)” from Neener 2 by Neener.

Closing music: Nov2 [working title] by Screambird.

Get my novel: Crossing the Continental Divide

I have a first edition of my novel, Crossing the Continental Divide, out now. You can buy the book via Kindle or on iBooks or Google Play Books.

[An earlier, draft version of the book was previously available for free download as a beta release. Now the book is out of beta and in edition 1 and for sale.]

This is how I have described the book:

Crossing the Continental Divide cuts a swath through the Midwest in the 21st century, where tradition meets oblivion. Yoss is a guy who lives near Cleveland but can’t help but hear the pulsing beats from nearby cities Chicago and Detroit. As his friend Eamon tries to help him make a name for himself as a DJ, Yoss wants everything to move faster so he tries to bribe his friend with tickets to Cleveland’s beloved Browns football team. In order to get his hands on these tickets he has to sit through church because his sanctimonious cousin has them to sell. After traveling around looking for what he wants Yoss eventually finds himself contemplating the possibility that some powerful force helped him find his way out West, to a halcyon moment of connection with a lovely singer–but that force is very possibly the ocean. On his way out there Yoss sees the whole range of house music performance–from a drunken club in the suburbs of Chicago to a shaking former church in Detroit, where he meets an attractive hipster teacher.
Tracking Yoss through his travels is to contemplate the disconnected nature of the modern dreamer–in a supposedly highly mobile society, so many people cling to old ideas while the system shakes beneath them. If he is to find what’s out there for him, he needs to be prepared to leave so many things behind.

Below is an excerpt from the book:

Yoss was trying to get to Eamon’s house in Stony River by mountain bike when the driZzzle started. Before long an enormous, sky-darkening thunderhead cloud was moving in–from the bridge Yoss was cycling on a view of Lake Erie revealed an amazing continuum panorama–to the east the sunny day that everyone on the area had been until this 3 o’clock hour enjoying was still visible, slipping out of view so slowly while the stormy left side of the view seemed to advance faster always until–whooosh a wall of wind and heavy rain descended. Soak-through conditions led Yoss to shelter under the awning of a local cleaners. Actually it was more than an awning, more like an overhanging roof structural element that was held up by a column in the middle which allowed two different archway accesses to the double doors. One archway led to the parking lot of a nearby grocery store, the other to the sidewalk. Mists and spritzes of foggy water dabbed Yoss and his bike but he was at least spared the full brunt of the storm for now. It can’t possibly keep going at this rate for long, he thought.
Eamon’s house was a typical cramped dwelling. So many baby boomer era houses with plenty of cramped rooms packed into small houses are dotted along the streets in western Cleveland and outwards. Stony River actually had plenty of bigger houses–some locals might have called Eamon’s place more of a west side kind of house–but that was because of the garish gazebo in the back. On the particular tradition of front porches, such a trademark Cleveland feature, Eamon’s house matched its neighbors in lacking a front porch.
‘Front porches, like detached garages, are a wonderful tradition of this area. Taste or quirk of history?’ Yoss wondered as he finally set out around 20 minutes later, still being rained on lightly but dry enough that he hoped his iPhone might survive. [Later he learned that it had, however his mid-range quality earbuds were effectively busted as one channel had stopped working–Yoss had stubbornly left them in (he had a hood!) to listen to a music podcast that features Gilliat that was really syncing up well with the loud, wet, rhythmic clunks of his beat-up mountain bike.] (READ MORE..)

Crossing artwork

Cat Duck

Podcast 59 – It could be a story about a cat-duck

Cat Duck

‘It’s not some clattery fan.’ / “The consumer base is demanding a higher level of excellence from anyone and everyone they interact with.” / ‘Does it like to do all the stuff that only one of them likes to do or does it not like to do the stuff that one of them doesn’t like to do?’ / ‘I got a message by opening the app!’ / ‘They’re in prison because they don’t want to testify.’ / ‘The guy has said incredibly stupid things.’ / ‘That’s the closest thing I have to a bell.’ / ‘So I guess this was a good year to finish reading it.’

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Hosted by me and Jessica.

show notes 

Cat Duck

‘The “fiscal cliff” nonsense is a perfect example of how politics in western democracies has been directed (by the 1%) away from promising opportunity and (at least nominally) working for a better future, and rather towards threatening and taking away what the 99% already has.

Of note is the seemingly wanton destruction that today’s elites in America and elsewhere seem intent on inflicting on the economy through the policies of their puppets.  It has become clear that they are more concerned with impoverishing most people than further enriching themselves, though they seek both results.’

Al Gore’s “climate cliff” rhetoric.

Leah-Lynn Plante (mentioned in podcast #55) has been released from federal prison, while Matt Duran and Kteeo Olejnik still remained in custody as of late October.

clip: “[Pat] Robertson: Liberals ‘Passionate’ About Trying to ‘Kill Off Old People’.” 

clip: Woody Guthrie via democracynow.org.

Is Donald Trump hurting the popularity of Macy’s among women? 

clip via The Disintegration Loops III  by William Basinski.


Pocket App for Mac OS X desktop is now out. (Predecessor Pocket client Read Later was discussed in podcast #32.) 

iBooks vs. Kindle: for ePub reading, iBooks is very good while Kindle insists on its own format (but as a partial workaround, can work well with PDFs).  [I discussed some advantages to Kindle over iBooks on podcast #28.] 

How many people are using Nook?  Is the mall store presence still an advantage over Amazon for some customers?  Nook is now allied with Microsoft–will they make a Windows RT based Nook Fire as a joint product? 

Do you use Microsoft products?  What do you think of them?  What I think about Microsoft:

Most who claim garbage Windows Phone 8 looks “pretty cool” are never going to use it. Being a bunch of iOS users’ 2nd choice means nothing. https://twitter.com/pacificpelican/status/273484508559466496

WebOS was the second choice of iPhone users everywhere, had subpar hardware, was run by sclerotic aimless corporation–like Windows Phone 8. https://twitter.com/pacificpelican/status/273486285753155584

Short alert on MSFT stock – I now expect them to be insolvent by the end of the decade. https://twitter.com/pacificpelican/status/273660811333996544

This holiday season is going to be such a catastrophe for Microsoft that it will start an irreversible slow-motion collapse of Windows 8. https://twitter.com/pacificpelican/status/273661664069554176

From there, desktop OS market will shrink with OS X, even Linux gaining share because of how bad Windows 8 is on desktops. & Surface fails. https://twitter.com/pacificpelican/status/273662306204938241

MS Office is necessary only for Windows computers–no one else (Mac, tablet users) seems to care about it. WIndows shrinks, Office shrinks. https://twitter.com/pacificpelican/status/273663113692323841

Let me conclude by saying that I would like to see Microsoft bankrupt and disbanded. Seattle would be a better place, and so would software. https://twitter.com/pacificpelican/status/273664759948271616

1 cup at a time K-cup machine – Jet Fuel K-cups – Starbucks Sumatra K-cups.

How much like Levi’s 527 at department stores like Dillards ($40 all cotton) are Denizen 233 at Target ($30 mostly cotton, a fifth polyester)?

book – 2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl by Daniel Pinchbeck (paperback, 2007).

Podcast 53 – The dragon could fly out to Mirkwood (my retelling of The Hobbit, part 2)

“He’s going to be a really foresty kind of wizard” / “There’s this area call Dul Golder or something” / “What has Gandalf been doing in this time?” / “Now the Nazgul appear to be loose.” / “I think in the books it’s more ambiguous.” / “So goblins riding on wolves come and attack.” / “Now we’re looking at a standoff situation.” / “Maybe he just wanted to move to Mordor. And in fact, this is where he’s setting up shop.” / ‘Sounds like a really exciting close to a good novel.’ / “People of Lake Town want some compensation.”

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Hosted by me and Jessica.

show notes – recorded Oct. 17, 2012

Here I conclude my retelling of the The Hobbit [Kindle version] [Google Play version] [iBooks version] by J.R.R. Tolkien, which I recounted the first two thirds or so of in a previous podcast (episode #50). This book is the subject of three forthcoming movies from Peter Jackson.  For much greater detail about this topic, you can listen to The Tolkien Professor podcast.  We left off in podcast 50 with the hobbit Bilbo along with Thorin and the other dwarves dug with the Wood Elves and Lake Men laying siege to the Lonely Mountain.  From there I explain to Jessica what Gandalf is up to during his prolonged absence (down in Mirkwood fighting the Necromancer [with Galadriel?]), along with how Thorin and his company find themselves caught up in the Battle of Five Armies against the goblins. We speculate as to whether Smaug the dragon will fly in to visit the Necromancer (aka Sauron?) in one of the movies. In addition, I note the casting of Christopher Lee as showing that Saruman (in his less evil days?) should have some part in this Hobbit trilogy.

djmcloud podcast 53 artwork

artwork for podcast 50

Podcast 50 – The goblins can climb trees (my retelling of The Hobbit, part 1)

artwork for podcast 50

“The dragon actually wears armor!”/ “The dwarves aren’t really that interested in sharing.” / “They’re working their way towards the Misty Mountains when they encounter a group of trolls.” / “It really doesn’t help that they’re still stuck up in the trees.” / “But he demands that his ponies be sent back after..another stretch of their journey.” / “It’s like this psychedelic water.” / “A terrible world of goblins.” / “And they’re hungry and stuff.” / “Everybody disappears. The lights go out.”

Listen: download the mp3

Hosted by me and Jessica.

show notes

Wherein I retell to Jessica the first two thirds or so of The Hobbit [Kindle version] [Google Play version] [iBooks version] by J.R.R. Tolkien, the subject of three forthcoming movies from Peter Jackson.

(Update: Listen to the conclusion of the retelling on podcast #53.)

artwork for podcast 50

Podcast 38 – #FireworkFail

djmcloud.com podcast #38

show notes

hosted by @pacificpelican and @JessicaMcKeown

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Lakewood, Ohio sees fireworks display completely fail due to malfunction.  We were hanging out on the west side of Cleveland watching some pretty good front yard fireworks with friends but many of the people who herded into Lakewood Park were very disappointed by #FireworkFail.

If you’re telling everyone you’re so “busy” all the time, the perceptive among us have long known that you’re really just acting self-important and perhaps trying too hard to reassure yourself about your own significance.  Now there’s a New York Times opinion piece about this issue.

My Viddy videos.

Paper app for iPad.

Tweetdeck for Chrome.

Google Chrome Browser for iOS.

Digg (what’s left of it now) has been sold to Betaworks.  Hear us discuss Digg and its HD-DVD key debacle in 2007 in this video.  I mentioned Kevin Rose (“Dutch Telecom”) in podcast #7.

Podcast 36 – Jim & Jessica, Nexus Q and Apple TV, Wikileaks, PS Vita, Soul Caliber IV and V

djmcloud.com podcast #36 featuring Jim and Jessica

show notes – July 1, 2012

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Google Nexus Q

Eric Schmidt’s (incorrect) Google TV prediction



Apple’s Podcasts app

Last day for MobileMe – June 30, 2012


G Drive

key limes vs. regular limes; lime seeds??

Julian Assange of Wikileaks seeks political asylum from Ecuador.

James Risen subpoena.

PS Vita

Virtua Tennis


Wipeout 2048

Daily Herald (Chicago NW suburbs local paper) has a hybrid paywall:  Either subscribe to the paper or “answer a question to continue reading this page.”


Chrome for iPhone and iPad


Soul Caliber IV and Soul Caliber V


Pinball HD

Youtube now allows users to use their Google+ profile on the site.

My Youtube page

The second edition of my book ‘Like Any Gangster’ is about to be released (this month some time).

Podcast 30: Byword and Arctic Keys for iOS, my stuff on GitHub, Hunter S. Thompson, Audacity 2, Saints D

djmcloud.com podcast #30 show notes

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Hunter S. Thompson

GrandFork theme is on GitHub, as is the pacificpelican.us/cms code

my book: Like Any Ganster–Selected Writings 2006-2011

collaborating with GarageBand for iOS

Audacity audio recording program (for Windows/Mac/Linux) reaches version 2.0

Arctic Keys synthesizer app for iOS

iOS text editor Byword

moving to iCloud

Victor Hugo


clip: locker room speech to New Orleans Saints defense by Gregg Williams

DJ Rig iOS app

everythingisterrible.com live in Cleveland Heights

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