Podcast 49 – Stuff is being written more and more in people’s native zone of comfort

‘You go back and you realize there’s no perfect Pearl Jam album.’ / “I remember there used to be a time when people would cheer and clap and hoot and holler.” / ‘This droning thing…’ / “‘You can protest but don’t get in my way!'” / “Have you heard of stuff like CoffeeScript?”

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Hosted by me and Jessica.

show notes –  Djmcloud Podcast Episode #49 – recorded Oct. 3, 2012

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Scape music creation app for iPad by ambient pioneer Brian Eno along with collaborator Peter Chilvers.

James – Whiplash (1997) [the first five songs are the best ones].

Iraq and Afghanistan.

Our pacificpelican.us/podcast video from 2007: anti-war protest in San Francisco.

Josh Wolf and what happened when he didn’t turn a video over to the Feds.

Seattle mayor accepts settlement over city police tactics.


hiphop-php project on Github.

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