Podcast 48 – Less of just a novelty than at first glance

“People are often surprised that the archives [of Twitter] are not easily available.” / “It seems like the kind of energy that was there a year ago around new and interesting photos being put on Instagram–I have to think some of these people are posting other places.” / “So why no labeling?”: Dennis Kucinich on GMOs / Pirate Bay co-founder held incommunicado in Sweden

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show notes – episode #48 – recorded Sept. 30th, 2012

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Alien Interference.”

IFTTT stops allowing users to make an app like Evernote or WordPress echo or archive Twitter-caused events [“Twitter triggers“].  How long before Twitter shuts down archiving tools like the WordPress plugin I use for archiving my Twitter feed.

I said ‘Good Bye‘ to Instagram.

Rent-to-own firms settle computer spying charges.”

‘”The Influence And Corruption Of The Political Process By Monsanto!” Congressman Dennis Kucinich.’

Britain: “Lib Dem conference: what else should Nick Clegg say sorry for?

Mitt’s Magical Mormon Undies: Penn Jillette’s Rant Redux.”

Reader HD (Android Google Reader client).

[Other Google Reader clients discussed in podcast #47.]

Interview with Rob Walch from pocast host LibSyn.

What’s Going on with Feedburner? [Podcasters’ Roundtable 4].”

Gottfrid Svartholm: “Pirate Bay Founder Remains Locked Up Without Charges” in Sweden.

Evernote-branded Moleskine.