DJMcloud Podcast 77 – I heard Portishead the other day

“Get rid of the guy who won the Cy Young.” / “I think I talked over the swear.” / “It auto-plays her music sort of like a Myspace page.” / ‘And it’s really cold.’ / “Semi-hidden functionality.” / ‘Fans got a little upset, but, you know.’ / “That person with her office uptown.” / “The same stupid video tricks.” / “A more metallic kind of look.” / “Not just Moondance.”

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show notes

Chicago Tribune: “The owner of a scrap company where the remains of several school buses were found after being stolen from the Far South Side has been charged with illegal possession of auto titles, police said.”

4-year old in Union, New Jersey found living with days-old dead body, trying to care for it by applying lotion.

Ohio’s “Average Homeboy” has a Kickstarter.

And singer Megan Zurkey has a Kickstarter.

Will the Cleveland Indians home opener be another soggy letdown this year?

New pause/skip interface in iOS 6.1 when double-tapping the home button while audio is playing–looks nicer but moved to the top.

Looking at replacements for Google Reader:

Feedly: syncs quickly with Google account and grabs feeds; claims it will survive the end of Google Reader; offers Android, iOS, Kindle and Chrome apps.

The Old Reader: says it’s based on, well, the old [Google] Reader. Imports feeds (supposedly–has taken days for me and is still not there) based on XML file exported via Google Takeout.

More on Google Reader being shut down: Why should anyone trust Google now to keep their data?

Neener song “Gravitons” was played on the Rathole Radio podcast last September.