Podcast 87 – gBom[b]s

“Even those 00s mouth looks.” / “He gets involved in some gaming racket.” / “A flood of stuff.” / ‘The blue dots mean it’s unread.” / “Furthermore people can screenshot.” / ‘Spex.’ / “I don’t want to go bolt it on now.” / “The ‘selfie.'”

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show notes

Fred Armisen and Google Glass.

Alex Jones wrongly cites 1798 as being when the Constitution was drafted, #LOL.

Free and open source RSS Reader for Mac: Vienna RSS [on GitHub].

Book: Paintwork by Tim Maughan splits into two halves, one about an English gamer and virtual space artist and one about a competitive augmented reality gaming competition in Cuba.

China gaming sweatshops [2005].

I made a video about Cleveland and its lousy economy and how people here are scared of their neighbors.

Snapchat doesn’t really delete photos?

“86” by Green Day.

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