podcast 108 – Grindingly conformist

‘Still possibly has potential.’ / ‘A perk and a benefit.’ / “So many crises revolve around Walt being irritable.” / ‘Unless you always want to play the bitch or the bad guy or whatever.’ / “They’re funneling money any way they can.” / “I guess she’s defending her fictional character, in a newspaper.” / ‘If you’re going to get past this..printer.’

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show notes

Co-hosted by Jessica.
The Chain Gang of 1974: “Sleepwalking.”
Now You See Me (movie).
Breaking Bad (show); Aaron Paul on his future career prospects.
Koch Brothers make big investment in American Greetings; Bernie Sanders on the Koch Brothers.
Scott Carpenter, 4th American in space (2nd to orbit), dies at 88.
Bruce McCall on the Huron County, Canada of Alice Munro.
Glenn Beck is afraid because THE TERMINATOR!

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